Friday, 31 May 2019

Little Andy

The Restless Funk Radio Show 30/05/2019
Carlton Jackson - History
Christian Aguguam - Emmanuel
Hondo - Fallout
Ruf Dug - Mangrove Dub (Tropical Hi-Fi Mangrove City Version)
Carl Forreal - Gifted & Black
Tony Abiola Smart - Pretty Hands
BDP - The Bridge Is Over (Instrumental)
Omar S - Night
Makondo - Mambo Bado
Songhai - Walibena
Stranger & Shortbus - Rush On
Bad Manners - All Day (Dub)
Fatayi Rolling Dollar - Obimi Abami Wi
Alkibar Gignor - Zeinabou
Air - Modular (Source Direct Mix)
Air - Premies Symptomes (Modular Mix)
Nasser El-Assad - Shahraman's Nights
Nermin Niazi - Sari Sari Rat
Richard Evans - Do-Re-Me_For Soul (Use It Before You Loose It)
Viola Wills - If You Could Read My Mind
Aric - I Love Your Love
Kiki Gyan - Disco Train
Diana Ross - Once In The Morning
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Restless Funk 30/05/19

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DJ session tonight 31st May 6pm - close, Pint Shop - Cambridge

Friday, 24 May 2019

Wrestling with endangered species

The Restless Funk Radio Show 23/05/2019
Cymande - Dove
Aisha - Can You Feel It
Womack & Womack - Life's Just A Ballgame (Ballroom Remix)
Patti Labelle - What'cha Doing To Me
Grand Slam - False Alarm
Judy Pollack - Billy's Coming Back
Peaches & Herb - All Your Love (Give It Hear)
Audrey Hall & Dean Fraser - Dance Hall Happenings
Bob Actor - Night Club
Them Mushrooms - Take My Love
DJ Obsolete - Smoke
Prince - U Got The Look
Raynih Bandal - Tanki Tanki
Nicholas al-Dik - Ourak el Nakhil
Tabohr Tiga/Plajon - Gamelan Orchestra "Gong Gede of Bedulu"
Rodney Franklin - Morning Light (Reprise From Dance Tonight)
Uku Kutt - Visions of Estonia
Discotheque - Disco Special
Gregory Isaacs - Tune In
Mark Ernestus Ndagga Rhythm Force - Yermande (Prophet 5 Rhythm)
I G Culture - Space Is The Place
Pete Um - Golden Buddha Baby
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Restless Funk 23/05/19

Restless Funk is an award winning radio show broadcast LIVE from 10pm-12am BST every Thursday evening on 97.2FM and

Saturday, 18 May 2019

Get down Friday night (get up saturday morning)

Another Friday night in Cambridge, another enjoyable meeting of minds with an accompanying soundtrack of delight. Respect to Aiden for the invite. Shout to the drinkers! Tunes in order this time:

Fatman Riddum Section - Japanese Dance
DEB Players - Don’t Let It Go To Your Brain
Foster Manganyi - Vanhu Va Lova
Roland P Young - Ballo-Balla
Dada Munchamonkey - The Operator
The Grid - Flotation (Prins Thomas Miks)
Michu-Ade - Enyin Olola
Super Djata de Bamako - Yacouba
Rail Band - Duga
Martin Daniel with El Regode Cotonou - Dignovy Din Ton Le
Vicky et l’orchestre OK-JAZZ - Cafe
Arthur Russell - Springfield
Vakula - You Cannot Resist
TambiƩn - Dois
Falty DL - Mean Streets Pt1
Sun Ra - Song No 1
Etuk Ubong - Suddenly
Jacques Loubelo - Ya Kuti
Emeline Michel - Chaque Fois Que Tu Reviens

Judy Pollack feat. 33 1/3 - Fascinating

don't be misled

Wednesday, 15 May 2019


Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control we'll be again foisting our cheap two bit selections on the patrons of The Pint Shop here in Cambridge on Friday evening (17/5). Thankfully it's free, however this means we're under no obligation to please anyone but ourselves. From 6pm until closing Andy and I will try to make it fun.

things got a bit out of hand last time...

Friday, 10 May 2019


The Restless Funk Radio Show 09/05/2019
Kenny Cox - Beyond The Dream
Adu - Tachiwa
Fabiano - Ascuncion
Meitei - Kawanabe Kyosai [Pt.I]
Dino Mariani - Su Tema Africano
Joshua Abrams & Natural Information Society - Sideways Fall
Eko Kuango - Fura
Cascada - Weepin
Ray Stephen Oche & his Matumbo - Daybreak On The Niger
Assa-Cica - Yokpo wa non kpo ha mi
Unknown - Afro 7 -12 -A
Joe Brown & his Black Men - Look Well After Your Soul
Michu-Ade - Enyin Olola
Geno Jordan - You're a Peachtree Freak on Peachtree Street (Part III)
Avalanche ft Rosita Austin - Your Love Is Such A Good Time
Feel Foster - Sweet & Baby
Floyd Lloyd Seivright- Trap
Rob - Glory Be To God
Dazzle - Explain
Vantage Point - All Night (Part II)
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Restless Funk 09/05/19

Restless Funk is an award winning radio show broadcast LIVE from 10pm-12am BST every Thursday evening on 97.2FM and

...been a long time (2003)

Saturday, 4 May 2019

Actions speak louder than words

Christian Aguguam - Big Men, Big Belle
Makonde - Hey My Man
Felix Lebarty & Dynamite Rock - Keep On Laughing If You Want
The Doves - Action Speak Louder Than Words
Amel Addmore - Sweet Love
Shina Peters - Dancing Time
Olagoke Ayinla - Looku Lakayama
Micho-Ade & his African Stars - Dancing Love
Goddy Wichendu - It’s Fun Time (Dub Mix)
Obi Onwubuariri - Dancin’ Lady
Ackim Simukonda - Insi Yapena
James Dayoson - We Shall Make It, Calling Nigerians
The Believer’s Rock Group - Feeling Sure
Mansion - You Can’t Stop Us
Emile Yoan & The Ancestors - Jete
Akwasa Joe & his Singing Party - Agbahilala Aguu
The Three Brothers Band - Owarhia Eguon
Chatuye - Ahmuti & Dub Version

Friday, 3 May 2019

Forgetting, forgoing, fudgeing, f....

The Restless Funk Radio Show 25/04/2019
Dadawah - Seventy Two Nations
Paulson Kalu & His Music - Ochea Special
Sugar Minott - Senless Killing
Os Mutantes - Baby
The Officials - Distant Drums
Siassia - River Song
Storm - It's My House
Lo Kindre - Aibell
You Who? - Findings
Nirosta Steel - Foxy Pup
Best Available Technology - Nick & Kev Set Controls For The Waning Moon
Mac-Talla Nan Creag - Mulad
Danny Gold - Danny's Groove
Batang Frisco - Sewing Machine
Mary Lou Williams - Praise The Lord
The Gospel Ambassadors - What Kind Of man Is This
Round Robin & Brimstone - Our Love Is So True
Sam Dees - What's It Gonna Be
The Amazing Gospel Conselators - We Are Crossing Jordan River
The Howard Lemon Singers - Free Today
Unknown - Guys Today
Corky Carroll - All Pretty Women
The Heath Brothers - Smilin' Billy Suite Parts 1 & 2
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Restless Funk 25/04/19

Restless Funk is an award winning radio show broadcast LIVE from 10pm-12am BST every Thursday evening on 97.2FM and

As Old As Time

The Restless Funk Radio Show 02/05/2019
B.B. Seaton - No Good Girl
Bop Inc. - I Can Do Better
Tappa Zukie - Natty Dread A Weh Them
Die Dominas - I Bin A Domina
Maurizio - Domina (C.Craig's Mind Mix)
U-Roy & Francois K - Rootsman (Deep Space Dub)
Ash Ra Tempel - Shuttlecock
Virgo Four - The Dryer
Charandjit Singh - Raga Bairagi
Balbir & Dalbir - Nacho Ni Mere Haan Diyo
Nahid Akhter - Charhti Jawani
Savage Culture - Zamana
Alpha & Omega - Ancient Wisdom (Dubplate Mix)
Jah Warrior - No Racial Dub
Kode 9 & Spaceape - Kingstown
Prince Douglas - March Down Babylon (Dub)
Majesterians - Rocks & Mountains
Wailing Souls - Kingdom Rise, Kingdom Fall
Underground Vegetable - Melting Pot
TNT Roots - Chant Down Babylon Verse 2
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Restless Funk 02/05/19

Restless Funk is an award winning radio show broadcast LIVE from 10pm-12am BST every Thursday evening on 97.2FM and

Happy birthday CAMFM-CUR1350-945