Wednesday, 30 March 2011


A long time ago in a small market town far, far away (c.30miles), we used to cruise (no Andy, not like THAT). My friend had a metallic pink Baja VW beetle kinda like the one in the picture below. We were the coolest people in the universe...

Whilst driving around with me (literally) hanging out the roof of the damn thing (the whole roof came off), we used to bump to the sounds of this; to coin a phrase "it put the FUN back into driving!"

1.01 Cutty Ranks  -  Limb By Limb (DJ SS Mix) 5:02
    Remix - DJ SS
1.02 H.M.P.  -  Runnin's 5:35
1.03 Pure (5)  -  Anything Test (Exclusive Mix) 6:09
1.04 M.T.S.  -  Inspiration 6:49
1.05 Desired State  -  Goes Round 6:53
1.06 Rude Bwoy Monty  -  Warp 9 Mr Zulu (Hawaiian Tune) 5:45
1.07 Johnny Jungle  -  Killa Sound (Krome & Time Remix) 5:58
    Remix - Krome & Time
1.08 DJ Phantasy  -  44 Mag 5:55
1.09 JB  -  Back 2 Life (Exclusive Mix) 6:45
1.10 DJ Zinc  -  Super Sharp Shooter 6:04
2.01 Outsider, The  -  The Mash Up 6:24
2.02 Andy C  -  Change (Liftin' Spirits Mix) 6:40
    Remix - Liftin' Spirits
2.03 Boogie Down Kru, The  -  Boogie Down 5:20
2.04 Sound Station  -  Sound Station 6:03
2.05 Droppin' Science  -  Easy (Vol 6) 6:56
2.06 Outlaw, The  -  O.G. Call 5:47
2.07 Ganja Max  -  Rinse Out 6:56
    Featuring - DJ Daddy , MC Fats
2.08 Bizzy B & Pugwash  -  Ja 5:22
2.09 Run Tings & Liftin' Spirits  -  Come Easy (Ant Miles Exclusive Mix) 6:34
    Remix - Ant Miles
2.10 L Double  -  Break It Down 7:33

I now drive sensible cars, slowly. Quietly.

the finger
Issue 7 forthcoming...

exile & the kingdom

unfinished sympathy
nice teapot

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

A Love Supreme

This is the short version of this video, filmed by by Thomas Cambell for Supreme in 1995. Full version at the Supreme site:

Fight! Fight!

The Restless Funk Radio Show 28/03/2011 


The Martian - Particle Shower
Propoganda - Das Testaments Des Mabuse
Fox - S-S-S-Single Bed
Vagrants - Young Blues
OC Smith - La La La La Peace Song
Theo Parrish - The Stomp
White Elephant - Sir John
Demis Roussos - Let It Happen
JD Twitch - Emphasize
Little John & Popsie - Ram Jam
U Roy - Linger You Linger
Hackney Colliery Band - Africa
Herman's Rocket - Space Woman

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Kingston St '82

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


...and therein lies the danger!

Skipped a beat/LOFI

The Restless Funk Radio Show 21/03/2011 


Shelve - This World
Dog Eat Dog - Sonic Turf
Blowfly - Business Deal
Black Ivory - Our Future?
Kurtis Scott - Uncrowned Champion
Jeff Phelps - Don't Fall Apart On Me
Hackney Colliery Band - Money
Jackie Mittoo - Disco Jack Version
Usje Sukatma - Waiting For Your Love
Sylvie Foster - If Are You Master
Jackson Five - Don't Want To See Tomorrow
Black Cow - Brother Sil
Various (Medely) - Hollywood (Mix by Jay)
Bakey Ustl - B2
Matt Moroder - Shuggie

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Mill Road '82

Monday, 14 March 2011


Apologies for the late notice, but this week's Restless Funk radio show had to be postponed. Normal service to be resumed next week!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Canada Moist

PAJ Discomix; Pierre Gagnon, Allen Vallieres and Jean Barbeau get together to create PAJ Disco Mix, the first Canadian remixing group

Some of these edits and remixes were released on the Sunshine Sound Acetates (see previous blog post), such as their remix of Teddy Pendergrass' You Can't Hide From Yourself. Jesse Green's Flip was the first of their mixes to appear on Sunshine Sound. Due to their close relationship with the DJ's at the Limelight club, word of their remixing prowess began to spread.

Al Kent of Million Dollar Disco managed to secure a release of some of the best mixes from PAJ, available over two CD's:

Available from:

The Canadian trio of DJs who made up PAJ, produced all of these edits between 1975-1978. Some made it onto acetates (cut at New York's Sunshine Sounds Studios and were distributed through David Mancuso's New York Record Pool). Some got no further than reel to reel tape (some were even only originally recorded on cassette!). But they all got club play thanks to PAJ Disco Mix's relationship with Canada's top DJ of the time, The Limelight's Robert Ouimet.

You can hear the latest PAJ disco mix here:

For further reading, please see:

The way we were

Apologies for the recent youtube video dump, I know some people hate embedded youtube clips, especially if you can't watch at work or have no sound. Here's one last clip brought to my attention by Magic Juan of DHP. Here this guy shows us how to create edits (much like those in the sunshine sound spotlight in an older post) the old fashioned way - with tape and a blade. It's funny how these things come around - we were just discussing tape edits over lunch a day or two ago here in the d-v!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Play it again...
The true, behind-the-scenes story of Casablanca Records, from an eyewitness to the excess and insanity. Casablanca was not a product of the 1970s, it was the 1970s. From 1974 to 1980, the landscape of American culture was a banquet of hedonism and self-indulgence, and no person or company in that era of narcissism and druggy gluttony was more emblematic of the times than Casablanca Records and its magnetic founder, Neil Bogart. "And Party Every Day" is a frontline look at the record label that exploded onto the 1970s music scene, rising faster, burning brighter, and crashing in a more spectacular fashion than any other label in history. From Bogart's daring first signing, the positively pyrotechnic "Kiss", through the discovery and superstardom of Donna Summer and the Village People - not to mention extraterrestrial funk master George Clinton and his circus of freaks, Parliament Funkadelic - to the descent into the manic world of disco and its attendant vices, this book charts Bogart's meteoric success and eventual collapse under the weight of uncontrolled ego and hype. A compelling tale of ambition, greed, excess, and some of the era's most biggest music acts. Written with great candour and humour by Larry Harris, Casablanca's co-founder and former senior vice president and managing director, "And Party Every Day" is the only definitive and firsthand look at Casablanca's remarkable story, and a breathtaking view of that great American era of extravagance. It includes dozens of never-before-seen photos and a complete discography.

Sunshine Sound

For more infomation please see Disco Patrick's superb book containing details, label scans and interviews all relating to Disco acetates:

Patrick's website here:

And the legendary disco mixer John Morales has a wealth of the Sunshine Sound recordings for download or sale:

Ebay snipes that haunt you...

Feeling High

Trinita - High Feeling

Automagic - Smoking It

Unknown - Groove City (Francois Kevorkian Acetate edit)
Godsy - My Snow Does Not Melt
Odu Afrobeat Orchestra - Revenge of the One-Eyed Hyena
Cambridge '82

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Shiny Happy

The Restless Funk Radio Show 07/03/2011 


Coati Mundi - No More Blues
The Necessaries - State-of-the Art
Coleman Family - People Has It Hard
Peter Green - Slabo Day
Heroes Of The Galleon Trade - Neptune's Last Stand
Deepchord - Untitled
Linkwood - Miles Away (Intrusion Sunrise Dub)
Sun Ra - Door of the Cosmos
Virgo Four - If You Want To Dance
Zounds - War (JD Twitch Re Edit)
Dynamic Breakers - Dynamic (Total Control - Dub Version)
Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - Africa Red

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Mill Road, 1982

Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Warm Up

Chez Le Funk Friday Night Party Playlist:
(fred naked)
Flowers - For Real
KZA - Le Troublant Acid
Pacific Horizons - Universal Horizons
Gloria Ann Taylor - Love Is A Hurting Thing (Edit)
Locussolus - Next To You
Lolleatta Holloway - Hit N Run (Walter Gibbons Remix)
Sleeque - One For The Money (Dance Remix)
J. Walter Negro & Loose Jointz - Shoot The Pump
Unknown - Midnite (Lee Douglas Edit)
The Loni Gamble Band ft. Lisa Warrington - I Like The Way You Do It (Tom Noble Edit)
The Jammers - Be Mine Tonight (Shep Pettibone Remix)
First Choice - Let No Man Put Asunder (Ron's Edits)
The Jeffrey Turpin Band - You're Just The Right Size (Mr Peabody's Re-edit)
Joy Fleming - The Final Thing
Rose Royce - Do Your Dance

Fela Kuti - Zombie
Anthony Nicholson Pres Miquifaye Vs Kung Fu KHZ - Blood fire
Pacific Express - The way it used to be
Booker T  - Melting Pot
Soul Renegades - Just Being Me
Phlash & Friends - Exaltation
EOL - Sunshine (Phlash Edit)
Change - Angel In My Pocket
James Mason - Sweet Power Your Embrace
Antes De Mais Nada - Pacific Jam
Moodymann – Technologystolemyvinyle
Imagination - Just an Illusion
 Horace Andy - Skylarking

Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Following on from the quite strange "Rastamouse" cartoon from the BBC, a new hero has emerged from the depths of comic legend:

More info:


More Booze News

Look what was in my in box this morning

Very opulent

What's for dinner?

I watched two films at the weekend. One was "The Social Network" - it was pretty shit. The other was "Cous Cous" - it was pretty good. The characters were great, the extended family scenes were beautifully "real", the story was moving and full of hope. I thought the editing could have been more dynamic, especially towards the end, but I'd still thoroughly recommend this movie over much of the disposable hollywood tripe that graces the multiplexes:


Into the milky way

New Yorkers might wanna check the following gig:

Sagittarius A-Star is the new label from the Qbico stable. Highly recommended, free, outthere, true, honest, live and forward thinking music, the "real deal" as they say. From Sun Ra to Fela and beyond, if you want some heavy, heavy, HEAVY raw sounds I suggest you investigate further...

Stoopid Monkey

It's just that kind of day...


The Restless Funk Radio Show 28/02/2011 


Chateau Marmont - Nibiru (Beautiful Swimmers Late Night Dubbing Mix)
Small Black - Despicable Dogs (Washed Out Remix)
Locussolus - Next To You
The Dirtbombs - Good Life
Jimi Hendrix - Bleeding Heart
James Pane - Are You Ready Pt 2
Funkaholic - Feel The Vibe (Instrumental)
Jeffrey Turpin Band - You're Just The Right Size (Peabody's Edit)
Mehrpouya - Ghabile-Ye Leili
Wareika Hill Sounds - Kumina Mento Rasta
Gray - The Mysterious Ashley Bickerton

Archive Streaming Link:

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