Saturday, 12 March 2011

Canada Moist

PAJ Discomix; Pierre Gagnon, Allen Vallieres and Jean Barbeau get together to create PAJ Disco Mix, the first Canadian remixing group

Some of these edits and remixes were released on the Sunshine Sound Acetates (see previous blog post), such as their remix of Teddy Pendergrass' You Can't Hide From Yourself. Jesse Green's Flip was the first of their mixes to appear on Sunshine Sound. Due to their close relationship with the DJ's at the Limelight club, word of their remixing prowess began to spread.

Al Kent of Million Dollar Disco managed to secure a release of some of the best mixes from PAJ, available over two CD's:

Available from:

The Canadian trio of DJs who made up PAJ, produced all of these edits between 1975-1978. Some made it onto acetates (cut at New York's Sunshine Sounds Studios and were distributed through David Mancuso's New York Record Pool). Some got no further than reel to reel tape (some were even only originally recorded on cassette!). But they all got club play thanks to PAJ Disco Mix's relationship with Canada's top DJ of the time, The Limelight's Robert Ouimet.

You can hear the latest PAJ disco mix here:

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