Friday, 19 December 2014

Short Return

The Restless Funk Radio Show 18/12/14


The Clash - The Magnificent Seven
Usje Sukatma - Waiting For Your Love
Lonnie Liston Smith - Cosmic Funk
Hareton & Meta - Tangara
Tania Maria - Fio Mariaviha
Ricardo Marrero & The Group - My Friend
Bruno Nicolai - Spied Lovers
Essa - Middleman (Tall Black Guy Inst.)
Boban Petrovic - Zajedno Srecni
Charles Cohen - Blue Krishna
Michael Chapman - Lescudjack
Hamilton Bohannon - Enjoy Your Day
Sun Ra & His Arkestra - What's New?
Malauwi - Untitled
Rev. TL Barrett - Jungle Bells
The Temptations - Silent Night
Mr Lee - Feels Good
Cyrus - Enforcement
Idjut Boys - World 1st Day
Duke Ellington & His Orchestra - Jingle Bells
Alfredo de la Fe - My Favourite Things
Arthur Russell - Ballad of the Lights
Phil Upchrush & Tennyson Stephens - Ave Maria
Kurtis Blow - Christmas Rappin'
Tapes & DJ Sotofett - Topp Version

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Restless Funk 18/12/14

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Friday, 12 December 2014


The Restless Funk Radio Show 11/12/14


OB Ignitt & Omar S - Wayne County Cops pt 2
Booker T & The MG's - Melting Pot (Ritual Session)
Exodus - Together Forever
Carl & Carol Jacobs - Robot Jam Pt 2
Blludd Relations - Cold Like The Baron
Alexander Robotnik - Problems D'Amour (KDJ Edit)
Moodymann - Joy Pt 2
Mind Fair - Ceremony (Velvet Season & The Hearts of Gold Remix)
Otterman Empire - Babylon & On
Ziad Rahbani - Prelude (Theme From Mais El Rim)
John Gibbs & The US Steel Orchestra - Trinidad (Disco Mix)
Emeralds - Does It Look Like I'm Here? (Daphni Mix 1)
Mix Mup - Doomed
Gherkin Jerks - Saturn V
Ning - Machine
Zia - Kofriam
Selda - Yaz Gazeteci Yaz
Kamuran Akkor - Ikimiz Bir Fidaniz
Darwin's Theory - Untitled
LOI - When I Feel The Need For Love
Sheila Hylton - Bed's Too Big Without You

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Restless Funk 11/12/14

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Friday, 5 December 2014

(Not the) End of it all

The Restless Funk Radio Show 04/12/14


Being Borings - Love House of Love
ART Wilson - Rachel's Theme (Fire)
Wolf Moller - Baltanz
Howard Wales - Karnaval
Central Executives - Power Plant
Ken Lewis - Cosmic Cars
Hieroglyphic Being - The Lost Transmissions
Sparkle - Disco Madness
Nath & Martin Brothers - Ota Oji
Freedom Family - Holy Worshipping
Roy Roberts Experience - Let's Wrap Up Tonight Baby
Dennis Bovell - Heaven
Francis Bebey - Divorce Pygmee
Barney Wilen - Fete A Tam I
Panda Bear - Surfer's Hymn (Actress Remix)
The Orkustra - Flash Gordon
Jean Clause Vannier - Mort du Roi des Mouches
Wildest Dreams - Scorpion Bay
XL Middleton & Eddy Funkster - Press Play
Nirosta Steel - Some Say
Womack & Womack - MPB
Krystal - Body Dance
Randy's All Stars - Ghetto Guns
Nelta Wyatt - Step Right On To Love
Marcel Vogel & Milos Gersi - Body To Body (Ruf Dug's Remix)
Fox & Sui - Moon Nightclub
Brenda Ray - Starlight

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Restless Funk 04/12/14

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Friday, 28 November 2014

And the award for best jazz beard goes to...

The Restless Funk Radio Show 27/11/14


Sabata - Man For My Lady 
Midnight Express Band - Terry Jam no. 2 
Yam Who & Little Rico - Keep The Faith 
Pierre Antoine - Kalabuley Woman 
Lekan Babaloa - Oososi 
Build An Ark - The Blessing Song/Guidance 
Gene Harris - Los Alamitos Latinfunklovesong (Bugz In The Attic Rework) 
The Daktaris - Upside Down 
Don Cunningham Group - Samba De Orpheu 
Kenny Cox - Beyond The Dream 
Phil Musra Group - Live @ Huseyin's 
Francois Tusques & Don Cherry - Occident & Text Sur L'Inde 
Sun Ra with NU Sounds - Spaceship Lullaby 
Michael Garrick Trio - Man, Have you ever Heard? 
Sun Ra and his Arkestra - Take The A-Train 
Jonathon Klein & Herbie Hancock - Sh'ma 
Soil & Pimp Sessions - Ms. BC 
Sahib Shihab - Balafon

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Restless Funk 27/11/14

Restless Funk is a radio show broadcast LIVE from 8-10pm GMT every Thursday evening on 97.2FM and

Friday, 21 November 2014

My brother's really heavy

The Restless Funk Radio Show 20/11/14


Killa Sista - Jah Respex
Suns of Arqa - Tick Tock Drop (Muslimgauze Remix)
Freddie Viaduct - Slop It
Sun Araw M. Geddes Gengras & the Congos - Invocation
Bullwackie & Sugar Minott - Feel It Dub
Yellowman - Dub Me Strong
Black Uhuru - Big Spliff (Dub)
Grace Jones - Me, I Disconnect From You
Sly & Robbie - Miles (Black Satin) 12" Mix
Phantom Band - I'm The One
Opossum - Bear's Banquet
Phil Musra Group ft. Michael Cosmic - Creator's Love Talk
Herbie Hancock - Hidden Shadows
Jone Takamaki Trio - Bhupala I
Christian Schwindt Quintet - Karibaldi
Conrad Schnitzler - Spur
Model 500 - Starlight (Convextion Mix)
Craig Leon - Donkey's Bearing Cups
Bernard Parmigiani - Dedans Dehors

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Restless Funk 20/11/14

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Friday, 14 November 2014


The Restless Funk Radio Show 13/11/14


Agrovators - Roots Jamaica Dub
Johnny Osbourne - Danger In Your eyes
Lena Platonos - Shadows of Blood
Quiet Village - Social Music
Barnt - Chappell
Superlife - Go Bananas
M. Bryo - Shift
Potentz ft Soom-T - Mission
Ever Red - Hot Number
Kitty - My Boyfriend
Lliadju Sisters - Danger
Witch - I'm Coming Back
Mystic Pleasure - Backdoor (Get Down)
Witch - It Was You Boy
Embryo - Nothing is Impossible
Hollie Cook - Looking for a Real Love
Roland Alphonso & Studio One Orchestra - Cleopatra
Jerry Dammers Spatial AKA Orchestra - Free Nelson Mandela
Stranger Cole & The Conquerers - Oh Yee Mahee
Anne & Annice Peters - Rock Your Baby

Archive Streaming Link:  (Note: Show starts at 32m22s)

Restless Funk 13/11/14

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Friday, 31 October 2014

Come back down!

The Restless Funk Radio Show 30/10/14


Rhythm & Sound - What A Mistry
Carrie Cleveland - Love Will Set You Free
Otis G Johnson - Walk With Jesus
Bert Lynch - Poor Man's Prayer
Lloyd & Glen - No More Troubles
Jackie Mittoo - Tropic Island
Junior Peterkin & The Idrins - Babylon Take Down
Keith Goode - Jah Jah Deliver Us (Version)
Sun Ra - Outerspace Plateau
Dub Organiser - Chim Cherie
Jerry Dammers Spatial AKA Orchestra - Ghost Planet
Sun Ra and his Arkestra - Disco 2100
Francois Tusques & Don Cherry - Indes
Miles Davis - Weirdo
Dub Specialist - Talking Dub
Jimmy Smith - Rosetta
James Scales & Allstars - Jungle Blues Jazz
Soul Bros. - Freedom Sound Take 2
Roland Alphonso & The Ska-Ta-Lites - Freedom Sound
Sun Ra - New Day
Jackie Mittoo - El Bang Bang
Soul Syndicate - Now You're Gone (Version)
Sun Ra - Third Planet
Sun Ra - Space Is The Place
Sun Ra - Interstellarism
Clifford Brown - Minor Mood
Dub Specialist - Quick Stick
Roots Radics - Today Dub
Judah Eskender Tafari - Rstafari Tell You

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Restless Funk 23/10/14

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Friday, 24 October 2014

Unexpected intrusions

The Restless Funk Radio Show 23/10/14


Third World - Lagos Jump
Yolanda - Afro Rat
Hlelani Imndeni Vala La - Uyulela Vuna Nszana
Medico Doktor Vibes - Water Late (Inst.)
Orchestra of Spheres - Issness
K-Tronics Ensemble - House of Calypso (Dub Mix)
Automagic - Smoking It (Nicky Siano Mix)
John Gibbs - J'Ouvert (Lord Echo Remix)
Norris Ware - Makossa Reggae Disco
Dub Disco Band - For The Love of Money (Extended 12")
Stan Ivory & His Omnificent Orchestra - Stan's Theme
Mika Snickars - Kong Disco
Sandy Mercer - Play With Me (Walter Gibbons Mix)
Ebony Diamonds - I'm So Lucky
Danny Hunt - What's Happening to Our Love Affair (Jason Lev Edit)
Mika Snickars - What Goes Around
King Tutt - D-A-N-C-I-N-G (12" Mix)
Judy Clayton - Love's Gonna Find You (Mr Peabody Re-Edit)
Bileo - You Can Win
Kaylan - Sweet Music
Gi's Brass - Liamuiga Is Calling
Wings - Goodnight Tonight

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Restless Funk 23/10/14

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

What you on?

People often ask me what music I'm into. I'm into a lot of things, but Afro-Cosmic rides high in my collection. What's Afro-Cosmic? This:

Friday, 17 October 2014

Yeasty Bottom Notes

The Restless Funk Radio Show 09/10/14


Ras Enoch - Young and Foolish
Smith & Mudd - Vegetable Square (Pab's got a Big One)

*****Mudd Speaks!*****

Bambi Davidson - forthcoming from Claremont 56

*****Mudd's Super Special Guest Mix*****

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Restless Funk 17/10/14

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Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Heads up, we've got Mudd (Paul Murphy) from Claremont 56 records coming into the studio to have a chat and play some records on the Restless Funk radio show this week. Probably be worth a listen. Thursday 16th October 8-10pm BST online at and on air 97.2FM

Monday, 13 October 2014

Mindblowing Mixes 7

Brandon Hocura and Gary Abugan are Invisible City Soundsystem. They have a record label as well, Invisible City Editions. I get the feeling they've been stockpiling and carefully curating their selections of music for a looong time, before finally emerging into the daylight. I've listened to pretty much nothing else but their mixes for quite some time, and like the afro-cosmic explosion after the re-popularisation of Daniele Baldelli and Beppe Loda in the early 2000's, these guys have detonated the Tropical sound into the internet's ether. It makes perfect sense really, the combination of uptempo soca, calypso and parang with electronic dub and synthesiser music. All born of soundsystem culture so the records sound massive and are built for the dance. I can only imitate, these guys do innovate. Of course the music isn't new, but it's that recontextuallization that makes it fresh, and IC are doing it with panash. Check out the mixes below, and their website here: Invisible City

Friday, 10 October 2014


The Restless Funk Radio Show 09/10/14


Marcus Mixx - Without Makeup (Ron Hardy Mix)
Tapes - This Weed's Making Me Nervous
Scientist - Quasar
Oro - Stop The War
Derrick Harriott - Black Skinned Blue Eyed Boys
Glen Adams - Mad Blank
Super Blueboy - Salvation
Sheila Hylton - It's Gonna Take A Lot Of Dub (DJ Mc Boing Boing Dub Edit)
Black Uhuru - Party In Session
Ramelzee Vs K-Rob - Instrumental Version One
Roland P Young - Ballo Balla
NewWestCoast - Acid 2
Ever Red - Dem No Tuff Like We
Foxy Brown - Love Is Where You Find It
Kitty - Boyfriend
DJ Bamanan - Gnoukobala
Ibibio Sound Machine - I'm Running
The Shebeles Band - Yibekanal
Jah Warrior - Heartical Dub

Archive Streaming Link: (Note: Show darts at 38:38)

Restless Funk 09/10/14

Restless Funk is a radio show broadcast LIVE from 8-10pm BST every Thursday evening on 97.2FM and

Watch out, Mudd's about... Next week's show features Paul Murphy of the wonderful Claremont 56 record label.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Hot Toddy

The Restless Funk Radio Show 03/10/14


Addvibe - Feel So Good Tonight
Dolo Percussions - Dolo 2
Tambien - Unknown
Rhythm Doktor - Isotonic Chakra (Version Idjut)
Tambien - Unknown
Serious Intention - You Don't Know (Joeski Dub)
Dj Sprinkles - Bassline 89.2
Mike Dunn - Gherkin Aftermath 909
Charles Heyward - Smell of Metal
Audiotech - Darkside
Convextion - Miranda
Ron Hardy - Your Mind (Passion)
Carl Bean - I Was Born This Way (Better Days Mix)
Benga Benga - 1
Tony G - Simple Dreams (Young Marco Remix)
Coachouse Rhythm Section - Nobody's Got Time
Brenda Taylor - You Can Have Your Cake and Eat it Too (Instrumental Cake Mix)
Logg - Dancing Into The Stars
Steve 'Silk' Hurley - I Don't Know
Ras Enoch - Jah's Rock (Version)
Moodymann - Inspirations from a Small Black Church
Tenor Saw - Victory Train
Nitty Gritty - Every Man A Seller
James Mason - I Want Your Love
George Smallwood - You Know I Love You (12" Mix)
Brief Encounter - Human

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Restless Funk 03/10/14

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Friday, 26 September 2014


The Restless Funk Radio Show 25/09/14


The Laughing Light of Plenty - The Pulse
Templehof - Piano, Piano
Boards of Canada - In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country
Rocking Rocky & Dudley Sibley - Ghetto Dub
Paqua - The Visitor (Ray Mang Dub Reprise)
Mangiami 003 - Music Take You (NAD Edit)
Waxist - Rumours
Velvet Season & The Hearts of Gold - Truth Machine For Lovers
Tom of England - Young & Insane
Land of Light - Higher Love (@45)
George Theodorakis - So Many Flowers
China Burton - You Don't Care About Our Love
Agathe Max - White Mill Under Sun Ra's Control
Harold Smith Majestic Hoir - What The World Needs Now
Rico - Africa Dub
Mark Ernestus meets Ben Zabo - Danna Dubwise
Colourbox - Baby, I Love You So

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Restless Funk 25/09/14

Restless Funk is a radio show broadcast LIVE from 9-11pm BST every Thursday evening on 97.2FM and

Friday, 19 September 2014

Pay Attention!

The Restless Funk Radio Show 18/09/14


Faruq Z Bey & Northwoods Improvisers - Talon
John Tchicai Group - Copenhagen May '81
Miles Davis - For Dave
NEW - Betting On Now
Sunny Murray Spiritual Ensemble - Turned About
Marshall Allen & Kash Killion - Secrets of Rhythm
Marion Brown Quartet - Funkhaus Koln '77
Globe Unity 75 - Und Jetzt Die Sportschau
Billy Bang Trio - Inroads NYC '81
Konstrukt - El Gato

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Restless Funk 18/09/14

Restless Funk is a radio show broadcast LIVE from 9-11pm BST every Thursday evening on 97.2FM and

Friday, 12 September 2014

The Good Fight

The Restless Funk Radio Show 11/09/14

Eastbound Expressway - Never Let Go
The Valentinos - I Can't Understand It
Thelma Houston - Hollywood
Miroslav Vitous - New York City
Love Of Life Orchestra - Extended Niceties
BWH - Stop
Brian Eno & David Byrne - Mea Culpa (Mr K Edit)
Maxmillion Dunbar - Polo
Annette Peacock - Real & Defined Androgenens
Charles Manier - Czech Mississippi
Topanga Canyon - Love You
Fleetwood Mac - Keep On Going
Herbie Hancock - Sh'ma
Fafa de Belem - Itaca
Marcos Valle - Minha Voz Vira Do Sol Da America
Johanna Billing - This Is How We Walk On The Moon
Mamman Sani - Ya Bismillah
Vangelis Katsoulis - Imago
Fatima - Cinnamon
Linkwood Family - Miles Away (Intrusion Sunset Dub)
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Restless Funk 11/09/14

Restless Funk is a radio show broadcast LIVE from 9-11pm BST every Thursday evening on 97.2FM and

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

In the Shadows

There's something about Winston Bailey's (aka Shadow) music. It sounds quite wrong, maybe it's the vocal, or the synths, or the juddering rhythms. But there's always something quite right, too, so that you find yourself singing his songs to yourself as you meander through the day. Even if it's not the peak-time smash the place up stompers, even if it's the simple little unknown 7"s, there's always something to like. The Trinidadian Lee Perry, they called him. Andy gives it the thumbs down, but that's okay as we're allowed to have the occasional tiff. It's collectible (read "expensive"), but thanks to the Invisible City crew who first brought him to my attention and the Cultures of Soul crew, he's getting a lot more exposure and few reissues. Praise Jah!

Friday, 5 September 2014

See you there

Last one for a while (could be a long break!), tonight (Friday 5th Sept) Ben and Pat return to the basement in CB2 Cafe, Norfolk Street, Cambridge from 8pm onwards hosting Cosmic Soup. Vibez guaranteed...! In anticipation of this event, Ben was a guest on this week's edition of Restless Funk; much abuse and frivolities ensued.

Red Card Offence

The Restless Funk Radio Show 04/09/14

Special Guest; Ben Saunders (Cosmic Soup/Grand Central)


Mind Fair - Ceremony
Peters House Music - Jump
JR Funk & The Love Machine - Feel Good, Party Time Dub
Rinder & Lewis - Blue Steel
Stephanie Mills & Teddy Pendergrass - Two Hearts
Jaz - The Episcopal Church Welcomes You
Daniel Grau Y Su Orchestra - Dejando Volar El Pensiamento
Wayne Shorter & Milton Nascimento - Lilia
Astra Nova Orchestra - Soul Sleeper
The Mystic Moods - Cosmic Sea
Barry White - September When I Met You
Serge Gainsbourg - Des Laids Des Laids
Milton Nascimento - Comunho
Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto - Maria Sola
I Jah Man - Zion Hut
The Main Ingredient - Euphrates
Bo Didley - Lali
Gloria Ann Taylor - Love Is A Hurting Thing
Sarah Vaughan - The Smiling Hour
Opossum - Amina
Muchael Bundt - The Brain of Oskar Panizza
Embryo - A Place To Go
Areski & Bridgette Fontaine - Apres La Guerre
Bert Jansch - Oh How Your Love Is Strong
Gout - Shaft In Afghanistan

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Restless Funk 04/09/14

Restless Funk is a radio show broadcast LIVE from 9-11pm BST every Thursday evening on 97.2FM and

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

To the Max

Last seen cutting up disco breaks on International Feel with Zeus, DJ Maxxi is another of Matt Edwards' pseudonyms. Here we find a perfectly executed archival mix of italo classics and the like, reminiscent of IF's seminal "mixed up in the hague" mix-series:

Friday, 29 August 2014

Coming Soon

The Restless Funk Radio Show 28/08/14


Cos/Mes - Matiki
Kevin Harrison - Ink Man
Deodato - Love Magic
Full Moon Ensemble - Samba Miaow
Michael Soward - What Are You Gonna Do (Inst)
Huerco S - Ausschachtung
The Invisible - Wings (Floating Points Remix)
Floating Points - Arp 3
Boddika & Joy O - Tricky's Team
Nana Love - I'm In Love (Jamal Loves His Nana)
Japan Blues - Half Dead Pulse
James "Jackrabbit" Martin - Only Wanted To Be
Laaraji - Unicorns In Paradise
Iasos - Rainbow Canyon
Sheila Hylton - Falling In Love (Waxist Edit)
Kitty - My Boyfriend
Sheila Hylton - It's Gonna Take A Lot Of Dub (DJ McBoing Boing Laser Dub Edit)
Joni Mitchell - California

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Restless Funk 28/08/14 

Restless Funk is a radio show broadcast LIVE from 9-11pm BST every Thursday evening on 97.2FM and

Up In Smoke

Watch Young Marco smoke 80 Gauloise in 1 hour...

Friday, 15 August 2014

Bi the way

The Restless Funk Radio Show 14/08/14


Race of Angels - It's Just Begun
Leisa - The Wondrous Cross
Fatima - Circle
Budgie - Budgie's Groove
Tapes - Pipe Cleaner 12" Mix
Yesterday's New Quintet - Funshine
Leslie Butler - Aquarius
Deodato - Univac Loves You
Roland Young - It Hurts So Bad
Mary Love-Comer - I Wake Up
Don Ray - Standing In The Rain
Miss Misty - Right Size
Tom of England - Bad Leather
Percussions - Sext
Ricardo Miranda - Urbanism
T-Kut - Let Me Take U (Original UK Mix)
Shakeena - Dance Music
Lady Saw - Natiness
Buju Banton - Love Wizard
Shadow - Keep On Wailing
Vance & Suzanne - Can't Get Along Without You
Andy Anderson - High, High, High
Peter Green - Funk Chunk
Tambien - Unknown

Archive Streaming Link: 

Restless Funk 14/08/14 

Restless Funk is a radio show broadcast LIVE from 9-11pm BST every Thursday evening on 97.2FM and

Generic Cambridge Stock Photo

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Hooking Up

Yup, it's another one of those smokey, tripped out, facemelting, fry your brains unobtainable records. There's been heat on this one for a long time and the more people know about it the less likely it is I'll get a copy. However, it's had some publicity recently so I guess the game's up anyway.

Monday, 11 August 2014


You may have noticed a few little upgrades and add-on's to the blog recently, slowly creeping in, like the Instagram link and Twitter link (top right) as I try to integrate everything, dragging it all together. I've just added a Mixcloud link beneath the blogroll (aka my morning reading list) to an account where I can upload old and new stuff to (more than soundcloud which limits what I can hold on one account). I won't post here each time I upload something new so keep an eye open for new goodies over there. Here's one I just added that I stumbled across from a few years back when I was digging out the Arthur mixes. It's all from the Philadelphia International Records catalogue, slowjams, disco, soul, the works. I was listening as I was walking down a beautiful street in Cambridge, the sun was shining, I was grinning and even broke out into a little dance. Should have been in a movie really. And when the record starts jumping towards the end (a genuine unintentional fault), let it play, dance along to the skip, and thank me for the goosebumps when the piano drops...

Philly Groove by Matthew Stancombe on Mixcloud

Friday, 8 August 2014

Original Archive Material (Rewind)

The Restless Funk Radio Show 07/08/14


Tin Man - Forever
Phil Manzanera - Caracas (Danielle Baldelli & Marco Diongi Remix)
Charles Cohen - Sunrise; Women/Men
Conrad Schnitzler - Untitled
Vito Ricci - The Ship Was Sailing
Endless Boogie - Vibe Killer
Exotic Prince The Insane One & His Friends The Superstars '74 - Rapping
Gilson et Malagasy - Valaha Ny Dada
Opossum - Amina
Doc Severinson - You Put the Shine On Me (DJ Harvey Edit)
The Brothers - Under the Skin
Roy Brooks & The Artistic Truth - Moi Hombre
Roy Brooks & Aboriginal Percussion Choir - Five For Max
Tommy McCook - Alimawi
Hollie Cook - Looking for Real Love
Earnest Ranglin - Earth Sound (Version)
Carl & Carol - Jam Without Mercy
Helen - Witch

Archive Streaming Link: 

Restless Funk 07/08/14 

Restless Funk is a radio show broadcast LIVE from 9-11pm BST every Thursday evening on 97.2FM and

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Monday, 4 August 2014


I needed something to listen to doing some rather monotonous tasks at work and after having an "Arthur" moment on the plane last week I dug around in my archives and found a couple of mixes/compilations I'd done solely with Arthur Russell material from ages ago, chucked them on the iPhone and got on with things. Village regulars will of course have heard of Arthur Russell, but for those who haven't he was a musician who is notable (amongst many other things) for successfully combining the avant-garde with pop music, at least, that was his ambition. In many senses, his work within the discotheque arena of the late 70's early 80's fulfills that brief in full. Tim Lawrence has written an excellent academic biography, "Hold Onto Your Dreams" and Matt Wolf directed a documentary, "Wild Combination" about Arthur's life which I heartily recommend if this entry piques your interest.

Arthur's music is so varied (Folk, Classical, Experimental, Disco, Indie, the names don't really mean anything as it's all one big melting pot) that several hours of listening will not become tiresome, yet remain coherent and distinctively "Arthur". For me, Arthur was the ultimate bedroom producer and listening to this selection makes me weep for the creativity, musicality and inspiration so lacking in much of the self produced "music" that floods the internet. He was pushing many fields forward with a vision and ambition that makes me wonder why no-one today (within my limited field of view) seems to be following his example and aiming for new pastures rather than re-treading soggy ground. Of course there are artists whose ambition remains high although too often let down by their distinct lack of the genius that makes one of my heroes so special.

Here's some of the weirdest songs you can call classics, with the strangest lyrics that make sense, the most peculiar rhythms that make you move, the most curious melodies that make you cry and smile at the same time, the most alien grooves that put you in a trance. As usual my friend Niki introduced me to most of this stuff. First time I heard Another Thought was in the car en route to a Loft Party. Everyone else in the car was like "what is this rubbish, put something else on" but I remember being quite transfixed by it, ultimately succumbing to popular demand however reminding myself to come back to this curio later. Needle-dropping Schoolbell/Treehouse ensures you almost always skip it, however my first time was in my room after a very long listening session polished with a lot of Rum and through the smoke this was deep deep techno of the most psychedelic order. Listen to "Cornbelt", everything is inventive, creative, the guitar line, the Chicago house fills and snares, the disco claps, the wandering and hard grooving bass line, all of it, slowly unravelling, losing control and taking you with it, nothing making sense, like being rolled around in the ocean.

The picture is from a bay or two over from Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland, a place I reckon Arthur would have quite liked.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Party Bag

Pre-Summer Storm outdoors party vibes a couple of weekends ago. Before the end of days tropical downpour began, I squeezed these out of the sunshine:

Black Harmony - Don't Let It Go To Your Head
Rafoot - Only Love Can Break Your Heart
Jennifer Lara - I Am In Love
Sheila Hylton - Falling In Love
Itopia - Never Could Love This Way
Glen Adams - Mad Blank
Shakeena - Dance Music
Shadow - Let's Make It Up
Joan Biblioni - El Cumpleanos de Jamito
Witch - To Be Felt
Shadow - De Hardis

The radio station had issues with streaming this week so no "real-life" Restless Funk with Andy and myself, however I did pop down to the studio and played a few records. The recording is a complete turd, but listening back I found it quaintly charming, the sound of my heavy breathing and records rustling as they are put back into sleeves. For information purposes only (and for the sake of something new for the blog!). I was listening on a plane last weekend and I must confess that the Arthur Russell moment at 37000ft looking down on the clouds is definitely an experience worth having:

And finally, just for fun:

Friday, 18 July 2014

Bonne Anniversaire

The Restless Funk Radio Show 17/07/14


Mick - Macho Brother (DJ Nozaki's Break Mix)
HOT10TOT10 - R1Z1 (DJ Nozaki's Don't Come a Chick Mix)
Tom Noble - Accept The Truth
Alain Delon - Comme Au Cinema
Boban Petrovich - Zajedno Srecni
Barbara Sookraj & Sammy Baksh - By My Side
Penumbra - Love To Love You Baby
Babla & Kanchan - Duniya
Nitty Gritty - My Special Girl (Version)
Richard Wahnfried - Time Actor
Auf Togo - Second Left
Jocko - Rhythm Talk
Myron & E - Do It Disco (Extended Unreleased Mix)
Ras Enoch - Jah's Rock (Version)
Nancy Dupree & Rochester NY Youngsters - James Brown
Mongo Santamaria - I Got You (I Feel Good)
Muruga & The Global Village Ceremonial Band - Shaman Drum, Nada Drum
Hlelani Imndeni Vala La Uyulela - Vuma Nsizwa
Budgie - Bravo
Rahsaan Roland Kirk - That's All
Tully - Follow Me
Matana Roberts - Was The Sacred Day
The Pentangle - In Time

Archive Streaming Link: 

Restless Funk 17/07/14 
Restless Funk is a radio show broadcast LIVE from 9-11pm BST every Thursday evening on 97.2FM and