Wednesday, 10 September 2014

In the Shadows

There's something about Winston Bailey's (aka Shadow) music. It sounds quite wrong, maybe it's the vocal, or the synths, or the juddering rhythms. But there's always something quite right, too, so that you find yourself singing his songs to yourself as you meander through the day. Even if it's not the peak-time smash the place up stompers, even if it's the simple little unknown 7"s, there's always something to like. The Trinidadian Lee Perry, they called him. Andy gives it the thumbs down, but that's okay as we're allowed to have the occasional tiff. It's collectible (read "expensive"), but thanks to the Invisible City crew who first brought him to my attention and the Cultures of Soul crew, he's getting a lot more exposure and few reissues. Praise Jah!

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