Monday, 13 October 2014

Mindblowing Mixes 7

Brandon Hocura and Gary Abugan are Invisible City Soundsystem. They have a record label as well, Invisible City Editions. I get the feeling they've been stockpiling and carefully curating their selections of music for a looong time, before finally emerging into the daylight. I've listened to pretty much nothing else but their mixes for quite some time, and like the afro-cosmic explosion after the re-popularisation of Daniele Baldelli and Beppe Loda in the early 2000's, these guys have detonated the Tropical sound into the internet's ether. It makes perfect sense really, the combination of uptempo soca, calypso and parang with electronic dub and synthesiser music. All born of soundsystem culture so the records sound massive and are built for the dance. I can only imitate, these guys do innovate. Of course the music isn't new, but it's that recontextuallization that makes it fresh, and IC are doing it with panash. Check out the mixes below, and their website here: Invisible City

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