Monday, 11 August 2014


You may have noticed a few little upgrades and add-on's to the blog recently, slowly creeping in, like the Instagram link and Twitter link (top right) as I try to integrate everything, dragging it all together. I've just added a Mixcloud link beneath the blogroll (aka my morning reading list) to an account where I can upload old and new stuff to (more than soundcloud which limits what I can hold on one account). I won't post here each time I upload something new so keep an eye open for new goodies over there. Here's one I just added that I stumbled across from a few years back when I was digging out the Arthur mixes. It's all from the Philadelphia International Records catalogue, slowjams, disco, soul, the works. I was listening as I was walking down a beautiful street in Cambridge, the sun was shining, I was grinning and even broke out into a little dance. Should have been in a movie really. And when the record starts jumping towards the end (a genuine unintentional fault), let it play, dance along to the skip, and thank me for the goosebumps when the piano drops...

Philly Groove by Matthew Stancombe on Mixcloud

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