Friday, 10 June 2011


Three new records which to me are just fabulous. Dance music with energy and musicianship, not simply going through the motions and trying to make something that fits a mould (although you can certainly hear the influences), but also euphoric and intelligent from producers that have developed and learned how to make music rather than plodding chord changes with timestreched samples. It's disco for the new generation and it's approaching a depth not attained since the full orchestra's of the seventies in my opinion. One original, one remix and one edit - these guys really are at the top of their game and it shows:

Rub N Tug - Scanners (Live Edit)
Harvey Presents Locussolus - I Want It (Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Remix)
M.L. Booster - D___S House Moods
The Rub N Tug record was recorded back in 2008, by Thomas Bullock (ex Disco Village) and Eric Duncan (aka Dr Dunks also of Still Going) and a host of live musicians. An album is expected to follow shortly. Cock rock for the dirty dancefloor.

The Harvey record is the first new work from nordic heroes Lindstrom & Prins Thomas for a long time. The Locussolus album has finally arrived this week and it's ace, it goes without saying - however nothing really prepared me for this remix. I'd not heard anything about it and as soon as the needle hit the record I was bouncing around with excitement - what a brilliant, fun, crazy peaktime anthem!

The Who Knows record is an edit by Kenji Takimi of Crue-L records (Japan). The original track is called 'Doomsday' by Danny Darrow, a lounge singer known for Sinatra covers and christmas songs. Kenji is a legend, straight up, who isn't afraid of the weird side of music - check the Crue-L back catalogue for some insane A&R...

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