Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Where were you?

Craving some summer sun, someone said "Scotland's nice this time of year"...
Suprisingly, they were right!

Who knew?
No-one mention specsavers, right?

Yo, is that America over there?

Yup, it's all this nice...
Last, but not least, we headed to Edinburgh as there was some artsy fartsy thing happening...
Actually, it was the Edinburgh Festival, which in case you're not clued up (as I wasn't), isn't just one festival, but loads of festivals all going on over a month in summer. There's a book festival, an art festival, a comedy festival, some music festivals, theatre, dance and in most cases there is so much overlap that you don't know (and it doesn't matter) which festival the act you are attending is part of. There's so much going on it's quite overwhelming - for instance as soon as we arrive we walk into a bar, order a couple of long vodka's and pick up a free guide, flip it open and see that Oneohtrix Point Never is doing a live gig. In ten minutes. Next door. And so it goes on - always something on, day or night, for a month. (note - the Oneohtrix gig was the most anorak-y gig I've ever dragged L to, good stuff mind...)

We saw a lot in the three days we were there. I laughed at Tom Green. L laughed at Josie Long. We both laughed at Isy Suttie (Dobby off "Peep Show"). Marc Almond sucked ass big time in "Ten Plagues", a medieval musical about plague. We both liked Julian Sands directed by John Malkovitch in a tribute to Harold Pinter, but my pick for the time we were there was Dr Apple's Last Lecture by the Hole In The Sky production company - the stuffy Dr Apple consumes some LSD and proceeds to take you on his trip with him, highly visual, highly amusing.

Big shout to Underground Solu'shn record shop, it's reassuring to see that staff in a record shop are all confidently more hung-over than yourself (I was so written off I didn't even want to go in, L literally dragged me in proceeding to listen to and buy more music than me, go figure). Still, nice to have met them, good shop, well stocked, respect:     http://www.undergroundsolushn.com

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