Thursday, 5 September 2013

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The Restless Funk Radio Show 04/09/13 


Barney Wilen - Black Locomotion
Jean Claude Vannier - Les Gourde Volent Au Secours Du Roi
Brain Eno - Through Hollow Lands (For Harold Budd)
Medico Doktor Vibes - Water Late (Inst)
Your Exotic Prince - Concert For My Lady
The Phillips Specials - I'm A Soldier
Jerry Townes - Little Old Lovemaker Me
Joyous Five Trumpets - Do You Think God Will Let You By
Nelta Wyatt - Step Right Onto Love
The Supremes - Nothing But Heartaches (Alt. Vocal)
J Dilla - Over The Breaks
Equals - Mystic Sister
Dr Spira i Ljudska Bica - Igrac Na Zici
Sirarcusa - Steop Tease In The Stars (The Way I Do)
Nereus Joseph - Sensi Crisis
Medico Doktor Vibes - Diska Limba Man
Your Exotic Prince - Eastward I Traveled
Ray Noble & The New Mayfair Orchestra - Repeal The Blues
Lord Kitchener - Rock n Roll Calypso
Brother Mudada - Tambourine Lady
Hamilton Brothers - Music Makes the World Go Round (Inst)
Tia Monae - Don't Keep Me Waiting
Skyy - Call Me
Unknown - Replay's Theme
Krystal - False Alarm
Ella Fitzgerald - Body & Soul
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Restless Funk 04/09/13 Part One
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Restless Funk is a radio show broadcast LIVE from 8-10pm GMT every Wednesday evening on 97.2FM and 

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