Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Rocket up your ass

No Restless Funk this week as I'm ill. However I'd been meaning to throw together some Ra stuff for a while, so here you go...

I really love everything about Sun Ra, the craziness, the attention to details, the artwork, the DIY nature of a lot of his work, the discipline, hell, even the music!

This is imagery and music I've picked up along the way, when you start it becomes kind of an addiction within an addiction...

If you're starting out, your best bet is the Art Yard reissues for vinyl unless you have a rich benefactor who doesn't think original press vinyl is a crazy investment. There's a lot out there in terms of reissues to be had for cheap though.

When you talk about labels, El Saturn is king. There's discographies out there, but none of them has it all. Geerken's "Omniverse" looks pretty terrific, but at about £1000 for the book, I'll stick with Campbell & Trent at 900 odd pages.

There's not enough Ra label porn out there, I've been meaning to put something together from my own stash but I'm not so fast with photoshop so I've just slung this together:

Oh, and the music?

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  1. What is the last image before the label collage from? The one with the character playing the piano