Friday, 31 March 2017

Can't stop, won't stop

Missing Restless Funk? Yeah, us too. What's that you say? You can't get enough of all that tropical goodness that's been brightening up the winter months? No, sorry, can't help you. Oh, hang on, wait...


Del Monte & Marco Piccolo - Unconscious 
Unknown - Ahiwo Ahiwo 
Nairobi Matata Jazz - Mapenzi Hayana Daktari Pt 2 
CDM Kiratu - Kanua Wariire Mbeu 
Robert Loyson - Ji A Canne A La Richesse 
Eric & George - Hot Wire 
Nkodo Si Tony - Dolo Eibe (10F) 
Dikoto Mandengue - Chacun Pour Soi 
Emile Yoan with the Ancestors - Mama 
Charlies Roots - Skylab (Version) 
Iyke Peters - Forward Forever 
The Pyramids - Brother 
Frank Izuora - Dreaming 
Kabusa - Happy Together 
Them Mushrooms - Africa Got To Have Peace 
Mwambo and Party - Hakika I Love You Pt 1 
Hirut Bekele - Shega Lij 
The Radi - She's Heard It All 
Angel (Nana) Love - Heartbreak

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