Friday, 21 December 2018

Sellotape on Saturn

The Restless Funk Radio Show 20/12/2018
Know What It's Like On My Planet (The Outer Darkness)
Along Came Ra (Paris '83 Unreleased)
The World of Africa (Sub Undergound/Cosmo Earth Fantasy)
Friendly Love IV (Friendly Love)
Stars That Shine Darkly Pt 1 (Stars That Shine Darkly 1/2 Hybrid)
Ankh (Art Forms of Dimensions Tomorrow)
Solar Drums (Art Forms of Dimensions Tomorrow)
The Others In Their World (Song of the Stargazers)
Quiet Ecstacy (Aurora Borealis/Ra Rachmaninov)
Saturn (Outer Spaceways Incorporated)
Springtime & Summer Idyll (Other Voices, Other Blues)
Intrinsic Energies (Of Mythic Worlds)
Strange Strings [with Lightning Drums] (Strange Strings)
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Restless Funk 20/12/18

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