Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Hardy Times

My name is Andy and I love Francoise Hardy, there I’ve said it- the rest of this should be easy.
There are so many reasons I love Francoise Hardy, but one of them is that most of her lp sleeves are beautifully designed and a joy to look at. Try these:

Now for the music, songs of heartbreak and loss, breathily sung by a beautiful French lady and soaked in strings. Francoise worked with amongst others Serge Gainsbourg, Jean Claude Vannier and Gabriel Yared  so you get lots of classy sounds, however I find some of her stuff to be hit and miss, but the good is very good and as a bonus the lps are pretty much charity shop/jumble sale/boot fair staples. Here are some of my favourites

“Le premier bonheur du jour “

A duet with Jane Birkin- “Comment Te Dire Adieu”


 “Message Personnel” (sung in English)

The above lp is fantastic and contains a lovely version of Neil Young’s “Till The Morning Comes”
Another reason for loving Francoise is her effortless style

And one last one…


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  1. the end of the track with Jane Birkin is great as is the picture in the yellow sweater