Monday, 11 July 2011

at LAST!

So, Andy and I checked this party out on friday night. We've been a fan of the Beautiful Swimmers since release #1 and their record label "Future Times" has an impeccable catalogue. In fact Ari Goldman and Andrew Field-Pickering (Beautiful Swimmers) are part of a group of new production outfits including "Rhythm Based Lovers", "Protect-U", "Slava", "Innergaze", "Sensual Beings", and "Alan Hurst", "Steve Summers" and "Jason Letkiewicz" all making innovative deep electronic dance music influenced by a wide range of sounds from Chicago and Detroit to the Balearics and the African diaspora. Andrew also produces music under the Maxmillion Dunbar/Max D pseudonym. Kyle Hall is the Detroit wunderkid who, at 18 years old has garnered plaudits from the detroit underground and is now blowing up worldwide thanks to an infectious energy to his programming and a penchant for the wilder, crazier and downright jacking sounds that keep house music interesting and innovative nearly 30 years after it's birth.

Soft Rocks kicked the night off playing some pretty weird gear (hooray!), mixing up classic disco with cosmic slop and deep trippy dubwise house. The brilliant warm up was followed by the Beautiful Swimmers who were deliciously on point - banging acid house, proper warehouse vibes, rewinds galore - I didn't even mind the MC occasionally grabbing the mic, it gave the show more of a rough, underground vibe, more of a party than a club night. Kyle Hall followed and turned the jacking acid up to 11. It's been a while since I've tried to dry hump a pillar to a soundtrack of white noise. Theo Parrish was dancing next to us and he had a smile on his face that said "yeah, this how we do in tha D".

I heard
Fingers Inc - A Path
Robert Owens - I'll Be Your Friend
Inner City - Good Life
ML Booster - D___'s House Moods
Patrice Rushen - Haven't You Heard
Adonis - No Way Back
Candido - Dancin & Prancin
Beautiful Swimmers - Give It All You Got
Armando - 151
and lots and lots of very twisted acid trax

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