Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Happy birthday

Larry Levan, by Keith Haring

Larry Levan alledgedly completed Walter Gibbons remix of this huge hit for Instant Funk, another "Garage Classic"

July 20th. Larry Levan's birthday. Larry was the DJ at the Paradise Garage, the nightclub that took the aesthetics and ideals of David Mancuso's loft party to the masses in New York City. Radio 6 is celebrating this with a series of documentaries culminating in the re-broadcast of a recording of the 2nd anniversary party at the Garage (it was open for 10 years). Listen again here:  

Larry Levan's production outfit, The NYC Peech Boys produced this anthemic song heavily influenced by dub, disco and electronics, custom made for the insane Paradise Garage soundsystem

Larry Levan mixed this killer Taana Gardner cut for Mel Cheren's West End Records, a label closely associated to the Paradise Garage as Mel's boyfriend Michael Brody was the Garage's owner and Mel had also invested heavily into the venture - a labour of love
Larry Levan died November 8 1992

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  1. NYC Peech Boys « Life Is Something Special » lp zip file :
    01 Love Kills Pain On Contact. 5:13
    02 Dance Sister (Biofeedback). 5:45
    03 Life Is Something Special. 3:55
    04 Steinway & Synergy. 2:18
    05 Don't Make Me Wait. 6:30
    06 Warm Summer's Night. 6:08
    07 On A Journey. 5:10

    Don't Make Me Wait 12" Extended Version 7:14./Dub 5:40. /Larry Levan remix 8:20. /bootleg vinyl rip 10:40 (I apologise for the sound ; this vinyl is very hard to clean because almost half the song is a cappella) zip file :

    Life Is Something Special (Special Edition) 9:20
    -Life Is Something Special [A cappella] 3:53
    -On A Journey (Extended) 6:45
    -On A Journey (Dub mix) 7:30
    -Come On, Come On (Don't Say Maybe) (12") 5:25
    -Come On, Come On (Don't Say Maybe) (Dub) 4:37
    -Dance Sister (Biofeedback) [Instrumental] 3:07 zip file :