Sunday, 5 February 2012

Mindblowing Mixes 3

Joel Martin is an avid record collector. He's also a film conossieur who works producing and compiling film soundtracks. He notably compiled the alternative soundtrack for the cult zombie movie Dawn Of The Dead including much of the incidental music missing from the initial soundtrack release like the music from the shopping mall scenes. Curating his own label Moscovitch Music he has unearthed Terror / Prey - The Original Unreleased Soundtracks by IVOR SLANEY, two underground horror movies from the 70's containing my folk/balearic favourite: 'Way Of A Stranger' featuring vocals by Val McKenna. In addition to this he works with the legendary DeWolfe library music who have produced music for Dr Who, Monty Python, Emmanuelle, American Gangster and Brokeback Mountain to name but a few cinematic excursions, Joel recently producing a compilation of musical excerpts from the Shaw Bros. universally acclaimed Kung Fu movies, sampled by everyone from Wu Tang Clan to Quentin Tarantino. In 2008 as DJ Zeus he released the mix cd "Esoteric Disco", a natural successor to Harvey's Sarcastic selection and subsequently achieved huge popularity as one half of Quiet Village with Matt Edwards of Radio Slave, using their shared love of library and soundtrack music to ride the balearic resurgence on the achingly hip Whatever We Want records. Currently working with Gerry Rooney (Harvey's old sparring partner in Black Cock records) as "Velvet Season & The Hearts of Gold" to release on Golden Hole/Lucky Hole records with such catchy titles as 'Camel Toe Central'. 

Obviously he likes disco records. A lot. This radio show recorded in the fledgling days of London radio station Resonance FM is Joel showcasing some quite special disco records that grew into a feature for FACT magazine on Joel's top 20 disco records. It's particuarly nice as Joel shares some knowledge and background and occupies a special place for me as it's the only time I've heard a copy of the extremely rare 12" version of Candido's Thousand Fingered Man with it's more electronic slant than the commonly heard version. Enjoy.

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