Friday, 3 February 2012

TGI Friday, phew!

Disco Village February Selection

Lot's of older records this time, some all time jams on here though and again, not really a mix although I get busy wrecking a few mangled dubs towards the end. Playlist soon come, ooh, exciting!

Marnimix – Issimo 1 
Killer version of the cheese classic. First heard on Baris K's Eurasia mix series, but obviously a huge cosmic classic with Baldelli et al. Marni was Tutu on DJHistory(.com) He's a lovely austrian fellow who used to run a website selling afro-cosmic music before it blew up following Harvey's Sarcastic mix. I bought a few weirdo records off him and he got quite excited that anyone might be interested and very kindly sent me an absolute bucketload of Loda and other DJ mixes including quite a few names that still haven't surfaced regarding that scene (my lips are sealed).
MC1 – Basic 
Speaking of cosmic, here's a Beppe Loda stormer. I got most of the Typhoon classic bootleg 12"s as orignal presse's from Flexx records in Belgium, but ran out of cash before the last couple and hence had to grab the version with the nasty graphics, boo. Although this 12" has a wicked Depeche Mode cosmic'd Enjoy The Silence.
Geno Jordan - You're A Peachtree Freak On Peachtree Street (Max D Edit) 
Part 3 is a 10 minute disco dubathon. Here Max makes us an offer we can't refuse.
Rhythm Based Lovers – Stargrove 
Remains one of my favourite tracks of the last few years. Lost on a smoky dancefloor at 5am repetition gives way to euphoria.
Metro Area – Nerves 
Overlooked after the initial smash hit's MA Vol 1-4, but check the production, there's everything in there. It's instantly familiar, soothingly comfortable and machine fabricated exactness. Standalone housemusic.
Smith & Hack – To Our Disco Friends 
Devastatingly simple but it's the juddering cuts that make it effective, sampling Bohannon.
Mach – On & On 
It was already a classic but THIS: made it famous.
Soundstream – Rainmaker 
I play all the tracks off this 12", and it never works on a dancefloor. Does Not Compute.
Rick ‘Poppa’ Howard – About Fourteen (Remix) 
Tevo's dad give us Melancholia. Saw that movie the other day (Von Trier) and it was exquisitely shot, stays with you, although not as mental as Anti-christ, but Charlotte Gainsbourg looked prettier.
Roshell Anderson – Wild Dreams 
B-Side to the PPU reissue of Hill's Delicate Rose which I was going to play as it sounded like an 80's version of 'About Fourteen", but though I'd had enough of wailing men.
Innergaze – Perception-Reception 
Dark. As with all the Letkiewicz stuff, there's more to each track than originally appears as it's not simply layers of production but thoughtfully composed electronica. I'm liking the Organs of Love 12" on optimo music too...
Jamie Principle – Waiting On My Angel (Dub Mix) 
L.I.E.S. – Comeback Dust (Max D's Big Top Dustheads Rmx) 
Jamie Principle – Waiting On My Angel (Radio Edit) 
Did Max nick that riff from Octave One? That Jamie dub is sooo gorgeous. Another favourite record, picked up in San Francisco, so extra happy points! 
Hamilton Bohannon – Bohannon Disco Symphony 
HB wrote records to be used as tools by DJ's I reckon, as there's never quite the crescendo such a groove deserves.
The Rapture – How Deep Is Your Love? (Emperor Machine Remix) 
Recent favourite from the London Loft party. Hat's off to Cosmo, you've gotta have balls to drop some Underground Resistance to that crowd, although of course thinking deeper it makes perfect sense.

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