Monday, 30 January 2012

ancient memories

Growing old sucks. Like, it's not a new discovery or anything, but y'know it really bites, non? At my birthday party this weekend, a couple of mixes of mine were playing (hey, it was my party, I was being a bit self indulgent) and a couple of times during the night a guest leaned over to me and said "hey, I love this tune, what is it?", and I'm like "yeah, of course I recognise it, it's er, er, er, hang on, er, er, it's my mix I obviously recognise the tune, er...". But nope. Of course I had the record, obviously recognised it as it was out of my collection but no, memory failed. They say it starts happening more and more. So it happened again when listening to this Thomas Bullock mix - I own pretty much every record on this mix, but save the really obvious disco songs where the lyrics give the game away, I was getting quite upset that I couldn't name those tunes. And my joints ache. I'm 33 FFS. Anyway, so I should have been at the LN CC screening/moody gathering that Thomas describes in this interview for promoting the Dalston gig this weekend past, but I had an early night coz I'm getting old, right?

SMA16 - Thomas Bullock by nicholasfeel


  1. Ah but 33! This means your tirty-tree-an-a-tird is but around the corner. Great excuses for a party - you're only a third of a century once...

  2. welcome to my world! Although I am somewhat older