Monday, 16 January 2012

MB Mix 2

Second in the series of Mind Blowing mixes won't be for everyone out there. I was lucky in my musical education that pretty early on I met my friend and mentor, Niki. Any attempt that I make to describe him won't do him justice and will probably elicit a slap. Let's just say that for pretty much everyone out there, he's on some next level shit, and that's an understatement. You have no idea. I can see you, there, thinking that, yeah, you get the idea, but no, you really fucking don't. Anyway, of course it was he who hipped me to Qbico. It was a mad record label, utterly true to itself and deadly serious. It released music, no more, no less. Yeah, there's a lot of Jazz, but there's also Techno, Electronics, Drum tracks and Rock. The man behind this label was probably eating the same thing Niki was for breakfast. The first thing you notice with a Qbico release is the artwork. Often hand made. Sometimes less than 30 copies for the world. Sometime one-off's. Always special, and that was before you got to the music. Anyway, as you might expect, the dude behind the label, Enrique has a pretty damn fine personal collection. To hear him DJ must be something pretty special, but unfortunately the closest I've come to this is a series of radio presentations he made on a couple of obscure internet radio stations, Yellowish radio in Japan, and Borderline radio in Germany. Here is one of his sessions on Borderline radio, put together apparently from only two CD's. Like his label, it's out there, addictive and compulsive, quite indescribable - enjoy!

Qbic-O-Rama 5 Borderline Radio by Disco Village

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