Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Fred's favourite disco 12"s

Sampled by Danny Wang on Balihu, first heard on crucial Ron Hardy tape, kicks like a mule.

First heard on a hip-hop mix by Ben Simms (I think). Very disco, utterly attention grabbing but never seems to hold a dancefloor. Love it to bits though.

Mancuso's ultimate re-entry record. Rare 12", reissued by sadly missed Flexx. Big with Baldelli too.

First heard this in when my housemate Vincent was downloading some Larry/Garage MP3's. Back in those naieve days I was like "pfft, Larry woldn't play THAT". Ha ha ha, massive sounds, weird though ;-s

Version to Cappucino - He'll dance with me. Covered AND edited by Prins Thomas. Wedding Disco but ace nonetheless.

More Danny Wang edit fodder, has that Bill Withers - You Got The Stuff type breakdown. Less well known that their big hit "Love Injection".

Reminds me of "love Hangover" when it gets going. First heard the Moodymann edit on the insanely rare LT1/Mustang 12". B-Side "Feel like dancin' also gets me in the mood.

Better than the Salsoul Orchestra version, less smooth. Idjuts nicked the tiny break at the end I reckon. Proper happy record, everyone says it's cheese but I have to bump this loud in the car, brings the sunshine out!

Didn't know what this was for bloody ages. Did Bob Sinclar use it? I loved that Bob Sinclar album the joy of later discovering it was nearly all samples was immense, that dawning realisation that "ohh, it's THAT tune!"

First heard as a crescendo to DJ Spinna's Rare Radio Mix from years back, soon to come in the mind blowing mixes series. I met Spinna at the Southport Weekender about 8 years ago and simply gushed. He autographed my copy (god knows why I had it with me).

Sickly sweet and everyone plumps for the B-side (Jerky Rhythm), but I can't help it. So wrong it's right?

More uptempo business. European electronic disco that builds and builds untill, yep, you guessed it, cheesy vocal drops taking us to heaven. Hypnotic in the build though. Patrick Cowley remix is alledgedly better?

Morgan Geist favourite (reissued with a "health club dub on his label), the disconet mix is the one, taking the best parts of part 1 and 11 and splicing them together. I love to use part 11 as a tool, it's so short but so dramatic.

50p on the Village market. It's not the Tom Moulton, but thanks, I'll take it.
All label scans from my personal collection. Please note that not all are rare or expensive. (But some are!)


  1. Just wondered if you were selling any of these, Fred?!!

  2. ;-) Ha ha ha... Er, I'd love to sell them, but just - can't - let - go...!!!!