Saturday, 14 January 2012

Not a mix

I try to listen to a lot of records all the time, but you know how it is - life gets in the way. I listen to all kinds of stuff, some out there Jazz, some afro stuff, some disco, some plonker self-flagellating in a cave playing a nose flute, we had some Belgian New Beat blasting over the breakfast table this morning. Here's some dance-y stuff I've had on repeat recently. It's not a mix, more of a radio show in "Restless Funk"s absence (we'll be back on the airwaves soon, new studio n all!): Disco Village January Selection by fred_naked  

Bjorn Torske - Nitten Nitti (Harvey's Not Normal Mix) 
Not an amazing record, but Harv's sense of humour shines through, it's just fun right? It's like twirling with a pink balloon, half naked. Of course I looked a twat, but did I care? Harvey doing his best Holger impression.
Wizardz - Space Trip Revenge 
Do these things even get a release? Like, they aren't even in the shops, then they are $100 on discogs. WTF?
College - Teenage Color 
We've rented "Drive" tonight. So I pulled this 7" out. I'm a sucker for cheesy 80's film soundtrack stuff. I was all over the Valerie Collective stuff when it came out. L is a big fan of the terrible "Zombie Lady" cut off the comp. Harks back to an era when pop music was fun. Shit, but fun. Again, massive props to Flexx in pushing these guys. College also wrote "A Real Hero", hence the "Drive" reference, duh!
Bob Chance - Wild It's Broken 7" promo version
Stuart sold me a copy of the 2nd volume Loft box set on my first trip to plastic people. He also helped to get someone (not me) so refreshed at THAT Rhythm & Sound gig at plastics that some young actress out of Eastenders had to climb over someone (definately not me) on the stairs. He's started a label called "Emotional Rescue" reissuing really cool shit. I already had the Bob Chance album, so I was stoked to see Stuart releasing the rare 7" versions as his first release.
Mascara - Golden Years (Homophono edit) 
Yeah, so it was Bowie's birthday recently, but I don't really view him with the same reverence that some others do so it's emrely a coincidence he wrote this song. The Mascara LP's really good "Way To LA" or summat. I'd say this was a cute 7" and as such mean to play it more, but never get round to it. S'one of those. Jason from 'Nado had something to do with putting it out, I was hoping for more from "Homophono" as it's a cool name.
Abel - Agean Sea
In Mison & Moonboot's end of year top 3's if you read (which you should). It niggles me that the guitar coda at the end is clipped, you know, the recording or pressing just sounds abrupt emphasizing the fact it's an edit. Bummer. (I fade it out here for your listenig pleasure).
Torn Sail - Birds
Bought this immediately and just chucked it in the Claremont pile, "yeah, I'll give it a listen sometime". My mistake, f**k me, what a brilliant tune! Original material, played live. We <3 Mudd x Then you discover Tiago's mix, and you listen to and you go, yeah, that bits quite nice, and this bit too, oh wow, yeah, that's good, oh wait, there's more, oh, that bit's great, that's good too, so's that, and that, ah, I like the way it does that, yeah, coool, groovy etc etc and it just keeps going and going. Ace.
Todd Terje - Inspector Norse
I didn't buy the picture sleeve of Ragysh. Then everyone raved about it. Massive tune etc. Balls. I'd better get one and see what the fuss is all about. And the collector wanker in me say's "you've gotta get one with the artwork". So Adriaan from Finger mag happily fleeces me. So it turns up And the artwrk is shit. And I'm not really into the music. I was not going to go down that path again so I picked up Inspector Norse as soon as it came out. And it's all right, but still kinda disposable nu-disco. Still, it was the only tune here that L stopped cooking for and came and danced around a bit to. Todd - LL Cool T :-( Maybe I need an anchor tattoo...
Youngtee - Dr Chocolate
I love Dr Rob. He writes for He was a bit depressed for a while. His articles are beautifully poetic reminiscing about his life in London (he now lives in Japan), drinking too much, women he loved and lost, late nights, loneliness and records. Kinda like Murakami but with dirt under his fingernails and soiled pants. So somehow, this bloke who lives in solitude, halfway up a mountain in Japan, in a wooden shed that he built himself is telling half of a moustachio'ed and non-tesselatory coiffurred [;-) natch, Andy] London what's really cool to listen to on their little white earbuds. Anyway, he reviewed this 12", first on Andy Blake's new label (previously Dissident/Cave Paintings/World Unknown). It reminded me of Unknown to the Unknown's Deelite. Facemelting bass driven all out assault mental house smasher, no holes barred throw everything at 'em and turn it up to gurn. Lovely.
Eurofunk - Manshortage (ELI-173 edit)
Pulled this out 'cos someone mentioned it was on a Mr Peabody's mix on the BBE site. Obviously Mike or Mark played the OG, but all I've got is this Unclassics reissue. It's my least favourite cut off the 3 tracker. Is ELI-173 some obscure film reference, or the name of a synth, or a condom wrapper barcode? It's this kind of knowledge that means the geek will inherit the earth. Or something.
GAG - Bolero
Psychemagik are doing alright for themselves eh? Haven't been into much of their stuff, although I did really like their edit of Magic on the Discotheque Wreckers EP (shame about the sound quality). Anyway, I got those Sherm sticks compilations with loads of obscure stuff that you imagine the cool DJ's play originals of. But they're short tracks, and all kind of obscure so you don't remember them, and the comps are on cheap cardboard so regardless of their legitimacy you feel cheap playing them (I mean, FFS, they only print the track titles on the center label like you might do if it were an artist album, but it's not). So again, they don't get much love. But the last one, "After The Void" ends with this, GAG - Bolero. In fact contrary to what I just said, the last 3 tracks on the compilation do kind of stick in your mind. Psychemagik compiled that half of the comp.

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