Tuesday, 10 January 2012

MB Mix 1

First in a new series of "mind blowing mixes". Tenyu Hamaki is a record dealer based in Brookyln, NY. I first encountered him virtually on www.deephousepage.com where he appeared to divide opinion (to put it politely), and in fact nearly 8 years later when I recently asked after him I encountered a 3 page forum shitstorm at the mere mention of his name (admittedly this was partly down to my lamenting the demise of a once great forum). Well, he sorted me a promo 12" of Love Bug on Red Greg so regardless of everyone else, I'm a fan. He's a conossieur of the black shiny stuff and as he got deeper into the deep soul side of things he appeared to veer towards gospel. Back in the day there was no way I'd touch gospel with a barge pole, bloody god botherers! However it was the mixes that Tenyu put together that showed me just how funky, disco, and downright utterly tripped out to the max facemeltingly psychedelic this shit could get. Praise be! I'm a believer! Soul session 3 will be posted later and is pure pure preaching praying perfection, however I'm starting this series highlighting some of the mixes that have blown my mind with Soul session 4 from Tenyu which is just deep, good music. Each mix will be avalable for a limited time only...

Tenyu - Soul Session 4 by Disco Village


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