Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Mindblowing Mixes 5

Well here it is, as promised. The second mix by Tenyu Hamaki in the mindblowing mixes series. This is the one, the face-melting psychedelic gospel selection. How the god-botherers could get quite so tripped out sounding is beyond me, but I guess that's religion for you, they say it takes you places. The plates in this mix are all originals cos' that's how Tenyu does. There's even a few 4-figure records in there. It's not strictly gospel as you'll find some deep soul mixed in there too, but this is serious music compiled with love by one of the heaviest selectors around that rarely gets namechecked unless the serious collectors whisper it amongst themselves. Often here the music is utterly raw, eliciting a home recorded atmosphere that only adds to the wonkiness and seam of psychedelia than runs deep within the grooves. Man, this truly is a mindblowing mix. The only contact I've got for Tenyu is his old website where you can purchase some astonishing records on his label and watch some entrancing video footage of gospel singers in churches and listen to some very, very rare albums: Tenyu, wherever you are, I doff my cap to you - truly "blessed" to have had my mind opened and educated...


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