Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Mindlowing Mixes 4

Okay, so it's time for another one. This one was such a game changer for me as not only did it introduce me to disco, but it helped me dive in to the deep end of "deep disco". I wanted to know what pretty much every track on this mix was, and the tracklisting eluded me for the longest time. It was around the time I'd first been introduced to the website/forum and around the time I went to my first Loft party in London with David Mancuso. The guys at Blackwax Records (as usual) had hipped me to the website and back in those days it was great - there were loads of discussions by cats with serious knowledge and every day was teaching me something new. I started checking the mixes and as I'd heard of DJ Spinna though the house music scene I thought I'd check one of his mixes first (deephousepage or "DHP" carries thousands of downloadable mixes from the greats such as Ron Hardy, Larry Levan, Walter Gibbons to lesser known but equally amazing DJ's like Rahaan, Sadar and Jamie 3:26).

The mix was jawdropping. Flawlessly mixed, perfectly paced, emotional and just built momentum from start to euphoric finish. Maaan, that was the DJ I wanted to be. I couldn't believe how good he was. To this day I'm not sure if he was playing vinyl with FX or was early on the CDJ's, but my god DJ Spinna was out of this world. DJ Spinna is an across the board DJ rooted in hip-hop & disco so it's no suprise he can mix (I remember a session at the southport weekender where Spinna was cutting up mad disco breaks whilst a drummer was playing live over the top - just electric!), but he's also one hell of a collector and this mix for the Rare Radio Show gave a seemingly deep insight into deep disco music but in reality was only scratching the surface of his collection.

After desperately fiending for the all the records off this mix I'd managed to amass them all and it pretty much laid the foundations for my own disco collection. Track I searched the hardest for was Bingo by The Whispers, an album only cut, of course. I was most excited to meet Spinna at another weekender and told him the story of my fandom and how I'd just picked up a copy of Six Million Steps by Rahni Harris & Flo on the back of his mix and continued to gush untill the poor chap had to drag me off him but not before he'd autographed my record...

obligatory geeky, ridgid fanboy pose next to tired, please let me go, artist

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