Thursday, 1 May 2014

The long and the short of it

Caught on the dancefloor.

So, having played at a few parties recently, there’s been a couple of records that I’ve found have surprised me. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like (nearly) all of my records but there are some that you think, yeah, that sounds good, that’ll work, but that you don’t really listen to that well, often I find, long ones, that in the narrow window’s that I get to listen to my records outside parties or the radio because they’re avoided as they’re too long, or skipped through, as you feel the pressure of time to maximise all that you can get through and so only vaguely familiar. Maybe it’s the context of the party, deep in the dance that makes these records special, maybe the dynamics of the sound that listening loud conveys nuances too subtle for a home listening environment. Maybe there’s just something that you don’t like in them but you think that the beats fit with that moment in the party so you’re going to play it but wouldn’t listen at home. Whatever. Some of these tracks recently have stuck in my mind because they’ve caught me off guard when I played them and I’ve been astounded, like, fuck me that’s really good and I feel it’s the length that’s allowed this depth of sound and groove to blossom. I think, I’d really like to listen to them again but they’re bloody long and the context isn't right.

DJ Sprinkles & Mark Fell – Complete Spiral
Thought this was a bit of a snooze-a-thon, but I wanted to set a deep mood for the party early doors, gentle sounds with a nice pulsing rhythm to relax people and welcome them. Blimey, I was completely tripping to the crazy deep trance inducing bassline that I’d not even noticed metamorphosing throughout leaving me dribbling and very pleased with myself by the end of it. When it stopped it left an emptiness hard to explain.

Sotofett – Trans Jungle Trip
Jungle breaks at a house tempo. Surely this’ll satisfy the drum-n-bassers in the crowd. I like the revivalist idea (I think Drum & Bass has come and gone again already…). It’s done really well, but rinsing that idea for 12 minutes? Dunno about that. Is it finished yet? Wait, hang about. Where did that orchestra come from? Those strings? Eh? Have they been there all along? WTF? That bassline is locked on! This is gorgeously deep. Forget the amen break, that’s just window dressing! Gloriously euphorically lush!

Lil Louis - 6AM (Extended mix)
Well, it’s Lil Louis, it’s gotta be good, so I’ll play it. But it’s a bit fast. And I really hate a cheesy saxophone. Hang about. People are really dancing to this. In fact. It’s bloody rocking. People are losing their minds. It’s incessant, relentless.

Pepe Bradock - Mujieres Nerviosas
Same as above, it’s Pepe Bradock, it’s gotta be good. He makes weird music though. I like weird, but a dancefloor often doesn’t. It’s acid house though, can’t go wrong, give it a spin. That melody is so de-tuned, it’s horrible. But no, it’s actually kinda catchy. Totally fragmented. Not there when it should be. Over the top when it shouldn’t be. But damn, I’m singing this in the taxi, still.

And on a similar note:
Short ones better than the long ones, the 7” version is soooo much more killer than the extended mix on the 12”

Panda Bear - Surfers Hymn (Actress Mix)

Bayara Citizens – Ju/Ru Dubness

Search, find. Or tell me your own.

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