Wednesday, 23 February 2011

River View

OK lots of great music about at the minute, but these are a few of the things that have been keeping my ears happy lately.

Firstly from the ‘village former Delegate of Culture, and half of the Skuff and Inja show, Dr Skuff has made his deep covers project available to us all. You can grab a free download here

Speaking of Skuff and Inja you will remember the track “Zen” they did with Mr Scuff.

Mr Scruff 'Zen (with Skuff & Inja)' by Mr Scruff

 Cambridge based readers may wish to get themselves to the junction on Saturday night for “Keep It Unreal” 10-3 advance tickets are a tenner from the junction


Release number one on a new label called 100% Silk, this record is simply brilliant. I played the a side “Ital’s Theme” on the radio show last night and a lovely bit of acid house nonsense it is too. The b side has a couple of amazing tracks also, “Queens” and “Hit and Run” are both killer. Left field dance floor business for  modern disco dandy’s. The ep sleeve as you can see is a thing of great beauty and it’s limited to 350 copies so no dithering. For those of you who are undecided have a listen to “Queens” here

Ital - Queens by

Also check the 100% silk blog here


Edits, a thorny issue at the best of times.
 Often you get a well known charity shop cheapie/reissued to death record/ old classic that even though it’s a “classic” you could happily never hear again with a 4/4 beat on the intro and the outro and some shit effects thrown in. However for every 100 wasted bits of shiny black plastic lurks a gem. And stilllove4music seem to be behind more of the gems.
I cant recommend the “still love for music” ep by Delano Smith enough. 3 tracks and 2 of them are parts 1 and 2 of a cut up of the O’ Jays “I Love Music”, not a rare or expensive or particularly obscure cut. However I cant get enough of it, very Detroit, lots of looped up sections and a female vocal taking about still having love for music. I played part 2 last night, and I also played “Drive It” off the Bim Marx “Make it Hot EP”. The Bim Marx ep has 4 tracks and they are all lovely.
 If disco edits is your thing, or you think you are over them, you should check out the stilllove4music back catalogue, Rahaan, Al Kent, and Rick Wilhite are amongst the treats in store

Any readers who enjoyed Matts recent digital reggae piece should check the Prince Jammy lp “Strictly Dub” reissued on Pressure Sounds, actually if you like reggae full stop check out the pressure sounds label. Too much good stuff , credit cards at the ready heres the website

Booze news
This weeks top tipple Canadian Club whisky, with Canada Dry and a squueze of lemon juice.

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