Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Back in the day, The Hideout ran a feature with DJ Cherrystones (Gareth Goddard/Godsy) where he led us on a suprise hide & seek vinyl spotting exercise where he posted a hint of an album cover with a few clues to lead us to his recommended tips. I don't think I ever quite spotted all of them but those that I did were exquisite jams of the highest order, that I'm eternally grateful for being turned onto. One was the soundtrack by Popol Vuh to Werner Herzog's Nosferatu (which was my introduction to Herzog's movies, I remember putting on Aguirre and being a bit bored at the beginning started doing some ironing but by the finale I was sat on the sofa, jaw wide open with the iron metaphorically burning down the house). Another was another film soundtrack-not soundtrack to the film El Topo by Jodorowsky. Again, my first introduction to his work and equally if not even more mindblowing. When it comes to weird shit, these dudes are class A. Anyhow, I dig these Polish film posters for Jodorowsky's work, so much with the Holy Mountain one I redid it myself (bottom)!

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