Sunday, 9 January 2011

Brother 2010

The initails S.S. mean a lot of different things to a lot of 
different people. Thankfully, here in the Disco Village it 
remains synonymous with the legend of that notorious anti-hero 
Scott Spencer, friend of the Village, artist extraordinaire and 
culture vulture of exquisite taste. Like all blogs round 
the world we've been collecting people's recommendations from 
the now sadly defunct year 2010, and Scott very kindly agreed 
to furnish us with the records that fuelled his life of crime, 
disease and sodomy in 2010... Here's Scott: 
12 records from my 2010

1. Sexual Healing (Simon's Dark Keys Mix) - Marvin Gaye (no label) 
2. Everyone - DJ Nature (Golf Channel) 
3. Destiny Reprise - DJ Nature (Golf Channel)
4. Ghosten - Kyle Hall (Third Ear) 
5. One Night Extravaganza (Soul Clap Edit) - Jamie Foxx (Wolf + Lamb) 
6. A Lesson In Love - Mark Seven (no label) 
7. Happiness (Quiet Village Remix) - Jonathan Jeremiah (Rosario)
I know it came out in 2009 but it saw me right into 2010

8. One Lonely Knight (Extended Live Mix) - Arto Mwambe (Live 
At Robert Johnson) 
9. You Can't Change A Man - Christy Essien Igbokwe (BBE)
Another good year for comps. This is from Kon and Amir's 
Off The Beaten Track
|||, lyrically wrong, from a different time and place (I hope) 
10. Virgo - Virgo (Rush Hour)
11. The Pledge (Eternal Sunshine) - Jay Electronica (no label)
Jay Elect's releases are a mess, this didn't come out in 2010 
but we were all ready for the album to drop - he's got a lot 
to live up to 
12. Get Down Boy - The Paper Dolls (no label)
Somebody give Patrick Adams some money. Another booty of this 
1976 gem, having them highs on vinyl makes me very happy 
Many thanks again to the S.S. for their, er, I mean 'his' top 
tips, and yeah, damn right, I agree with all of them. We agree
that Kyle MF'in Hall is a new detroitian god, DJ Nature is killin'
it into 2011 with his Suntoucher remixes on Jazzy Sport records.
The Ashford & Simpson Live performance of "The Boss" edited on the
Oki-Ni exclusive 12" has been in my box all year, but I most
regretfully missed the Jonathon Jeremiah 10" beauty that also came
with a Morgan Geist touch. I still haven't picked up the Virgo 
reissue, but it's high on "the wants". Andy here in the Disco 
Village has also hotly tipped the Jay Electronica material, whilst
everybody loves some Patrick Adams, although I think it's actually
Peter Brown who keeps churning out the legitimate P&P reissues, last
seen lugging crates round the brooklyn spots (notably the Cloud One
- Flying High 12" recently). Lots of love and respect to our brother
fro another mother, Scott, wishing him love, happiness and stacks of
vinyl for the new year!

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