Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The news at 9.36am

Jahtari sent us a promo of the new LP from Soom T & Disrupt, out around 24th January. My girl road tested it on a 200 mile round trip: the verdict was, Badboy stylez! A little childish for an album to be entirely dedicated to the joys of "A Carrot", but just feel the BASS. The whole album stands up really well, never a dull moment and nothing too "samey", but there's also a couple of standout killers, ripping up that digital dancehall.

Belgian record store Flexx are closing their doors. It was a great store and Diep & co. put out some awesome reissues, such as the Ginny - Can't Be Serious and the Ozo - Anambra 12"s. They've got a sale on before they close - I picked up a nice copy of this great LP Dogs of War (prog disco vibes) el cheapo - why not scoot over there and grab a bargain before it all goes?


Lastly, Andrew at PPU/Earcave keeps his finger on the trigger, check the forthcoming 12" from People's Potential Unlimited, "Psycho For Your Love" on this weeks Restless Funk Radio Show (previous blog post), and looky here, super rare, mega expensive deep south funk by the Back Street Band gets a crazy limited reissue - DO NOT MISS! Available at Earcave:


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