Wednesday, 19 January 2011


I have just finished reading Keith Richards autobiography “Life”. Even as a school boy I looked up to Keith, everyone else at my primary school loved Meatloaf but me and Louise Holt, we were different. We loved whatever Louise’s big brother liked and that was the Stones, or to be precise Keef  (under the influence of Miss Holt and her badass big brother, a young Andy wrote to Jim’ll Fix It asking if he could fix it for me to be a Hell's Angel)
The book is a great read, booze, drugs, guns, and Keef having a soft spot for cats. Essentially all I expected, and some more.
Right about now some readers will be thinking “hang on this is the ‘ Village, what’s all this Stones bollocks?”  It’s simple really besides being the world’s best rock band (EVER) they do disco very well. I am hopeful that anyone reading knows “Miss You”, but how about “Too Much Blood”?  The 12” has two Arthur Baker remixes a vocal and a dub, not only that but the Arthur Baker mixes are edited by the Latin Rascals (queue crazy tape edits, lots of percussion and effects). Here is the dance mix

Also a winner is “Undercover Of The Night (Extended Cheeky Version)” , also check the b side “Feel On Baby (Instrumental Dub)” for some dubby down tempo  business.

And of course this Harvey spin gets us a thumbs up from the ‘village

And of all that was just an excuse to watch this

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