Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Coming back around

The Restless Funk Radio Show 02/04/2012

Alfredo De La Fe - My Favourite Things (Latin Jazz Ensemble)
Actress - Meets Shaangaan Electro
Sensational Gospel Wings - Trouble About My Soul
Vangelis - Heaven & Hell 3rd Movement
David Bowie - Blackout
The Stepkids - Shadows On Behalf
Rocket Juice & The Moon With Erykah Badu - Manulea (Dub by Mark Ernestus)
Jackie Lee - Dancing In The Streets
Spinners - Honey, I'm In Love With You
Suns Of Arqa - Brujo Magic
Rev G.W. Killens & Mt. Calvary Congregation - Father, I Stretch My Arms To Thee
The Winans - Let My People Go (Parts 1&2 Remixed by John Morales and Sergio Munzibai)
Peter Gordon & The Love Of Life Orchestra - Another Heartbreak
Peter Gordon & The Love Of Life Orchestra - Don't Don't (Redux)
Manzel - It's Over Now (MAW Remix)
Sweet Thunder - Everybody's Singing Love Songs
Prince - Alphabet Street (This Is Not Music, This Is A Trip)
Gala Drop - Brain
Naima Makalou - Kognokoura (Daphni Part 2 Edit)
Bruce Haack - Mudra
Allen Ginsberg - Pacific High Studio Mantras
Alan Hurst - Escape Velocity
Gene Hunt - May The Funk Be With You (Theo Parrish Remix)
3 Generations Walking - Midnight Fanfare
Music Doctor - Going Strong
Bunny Sigler - There's No Love Left
Alan Hurst - Rapid deceleration

Archive Streaming Links:
Restless Funk 02/04/12
Restless Funk 02/04/12 part two

Restless Funk is a radio show that is broadcast live at www.camfm.co.uk and 97.2FM every Monday night from 8-10pm GMT

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