Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Record Store Day

"The independent record shops are true gems of our culture. Who would want them thrown away ?". Johnny Marr ( The Smiths )

 This Saturday 21st April is "Record Store Day" an event I'm in two minds about. Whilst I am saddened by so many vinyl emporiums closing down in recent years and accept that more people in record shops can only be a good thing. I am not sure if hyping a load of limited editions records, most often major labels re-packaging some thing you have had for years - Bizarre Ride To The Pharcyde as a set of 7" singles anyone? Last year a lot of the records for record store were listed on ebay in the evening at stupidly inflated prices. Wouldn't it be better for the companies involved to release these things without warning throughout the year then people have to go to the shops regularly to find them? Just call me the Grinch who stole record store day. All of my moaning aside, several shops have wonderful entertainment lined up for the day, and some of the releases I would like (the Doctor John lp, and BBC Radiophonic workshop releases) and most of all anything that draws attention to the plight of the record shop is a good thing.

Here is a link to a list of the releases and you can all make up your own minds:

And here's a link to whats going on in the various participating stores:

Find your nearest participating shop here:

As cynical as I am, I shall be having my first day off work for two weeks to coincide with the event and may pop to Norwich and have a look about, hangover depending. Speaking of hangovers, keep an eye out for the return of "Booze News" on the blog soon! Whilst taking about record shops it would be silly not to mention this:


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