Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Is It Cool pt. 2

The Restless Funk Radio Show 16/04/2012

Omar Souleyman - Salamat Galbi Bidek
"phone in conversation"
Sun Ra - Bad & The Beautiful
Michael Chapman - Trinkets & Rags
Alkibar Gignor - Zeinabou
General Zod & Cougarman - When Sally Met Mandingo
Barry Brown - Dub Confusion
Quantic & Alive Russell with the Combo Barbaro - I'll Keep A Light In My Window
Ken Parker - Telephone To Glory
Sarah Webster Fabio - Alchemy Of The Blues
Santana - Let It Shine
Cesar Mariano - Futebol De Bar
GQ - Is It Cool? (Theo Parrish Ugly Edit)
Vakula - Asuwant
Rev John Wilkins - Let The Redeemed Say So
Unknown - It's A Beautiful World
Dominik Von Senger - Only Love Can Take Us Home (Welcome Stranger Mix 1)
Secret Life - Take Away
Slim Smith - Watch This Sound
The Holidays - Watch Out Girl
Altz meets Roland P Young - Crystaliquid Sky
Bruce Haack - Party Machine
Ramsey Lewis Trio - And I Love Her
John Martyn - Root Love

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Restless Funk 16/04/12 part two

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