Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Mindblowing Mixes 6

After Matt’s tips in parts 1-5 I thought I would weigh in with number 6 (I like 6’s) . Number 6 in this series is brought to you by The Gaff & Factor and is titled “The Trip Beyond”. This mix originally came out as a CD in 2007, and I came across it a few years later. It was created with 100% original Psych, Rock, Folk, Childrens's Records, Spoken Word Vinyl, Prog, Instructional Lp's and 1 funk drum break hidden in there, skills, and MultiTrack only, oh and all the records are from the ten year period of 1967-77. When I first heard it I was unaware of The Gaff or Factor and I have since found out that The Gaff is resident at the “Get Together” Canada’s leading night out and has been supplying and trading records with some of worlds elite collectors for years. Check his website for more info

Cosmo Baker (The Rub, NYC) says of The Gaff “Gaff got so many ill records it’s fu$*ing mind boggling. I am in awe”. That statement should prepare you somewhat for all the things you are going to hear on this mix. I still know nothing about the mysterious Factor. Enough of my wittering on, here ladies and gentlemen is “The Trip Beyond” a mix of hippy funk, acid folk, heavy drums, and many more good things. It’s a mix I have never got tired of hearing and I doubt I ever will.


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