Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Is it cool?

Thanks Mr Postman - this week has brought me the following which I'd like to wholeheartedly recommend:

I, like many others have been following the output of Jason Letkiewicz for a number of years now. He produces electronic music under a variety of pseudonyms, many of which are listed on his website to be found here

The Alan Hurst LP "Processed World" was one that I picked up when it first came out in May 2010, and I was a little disappointed it wasn't quite in the same vein as some of his other more dancefloor friendly material but over time and especially recently it's an LP that I've found myself coming back to again and again, full of odd but compulsive electronic soundscapes and rhythms.

Funnily enough the guys over at wonderful reissue label Emotional Rescue, Stuart and Chris, (both casual acquaintances of Andy and I; Andy knew Chris through meetings at Pure Pleasure Music, and I knew Stuart from a few record trades and various underground parties) were also digging this LP and when starting Emotional Rescue had also decided to release new music through a sister label Emotional Response - first in line for it's debut release was a new LP from Jason L .under his Alan Hurst moniker! First few listens in and I'm smiling, I know that this is going to be another essential record that I'll come back to again and again. Dunno when it's out proper, but keep an ear out.

Okay, next up are two I've been waiting for with baited breath that finally arrived today, the new material from Joel Martin and Gerry Rooney. I first mentioned this on the blog back amongst the bumpf for Joel's disco selection in the mind-blowing mixes section, so I'll let the boys now do the talking:

Greetings friends & family! Finally the day has come. On the 14th April the first two releases on our new labels 'Lucky Hole' and 'Golden Hole' will be send out to the World for your listening enjoyment! These will NOT be exclusive or Limited but simply available to anyone who so desires them ;-) Much love, Joel and Gerry xx

Velvet Season And The Hearts Of Gold is a brand new project of original music from (veteran) DJ/producers Joel Martin (Quiet Village/Maxxi & Zeus) and Gerry Rooney (Black Cock Records). After spending the last 3 years honing their sound in Gerry’s Ability Studio, these are the first 2 tracks the duo have chosen to set the tone for their premiere release on Lucky Hole Records.

Gerry and Joel would now like to give something back to the people who have supported them. Velvet Season is all about sharing their love of music with the World, having fun and not taking things too seriously.

Gerry (alongside cult leader DJ Harvey) was the first to bring the secret world of the ‘re-edit’ to the underground UK dance scene with their now infamous and highly collectible ‘Black Cock’ Records. These seven coveted twelve-inch singles have gone down in disco history as definitive examples of the cut and paste art form, (continually copied and never bettered.)
Joel is one half of exotica group Quiet Village (alongside Matt Edwards), whose 3 influential singles for New York’s ‘Whatever We Want Records’ led to the critically acclaimed album ‘Silent Movie’, a study in all things esoteric. QV are also known for their extended remixes and since 2005 they have reworked tracks by artists such as Bryan Ferry and The Gorillaz.

From it’s exquisite ambient intro ‘Camel Toe Central’ weaves it’s seductive spell. This is soon dispersed by a solitary kick-drum at heartbeat tempo. The track then teases and builds with layers of p-funk percussion until the sleazy dub-bass drops with speaker shuddering intensity. Throw in some off kilter psych-rock guitar and an exchange between a playful French maid and her Machiavellian master and you’ve got a powerful cocktail ready to ignite the senses with erotic mystique. Ohh la la!
P.S. The one and only true legendary iconic Leader Harvey and fantastique DJ (gentleman and scholar) has chosen to license ‘Camel Toe’ for his special forthcoming Japanese DJ-mix cd on ‘Xland’ Records!

‘The Special Place’ makes uneasy yet addictive listening. Midnight music for pitch-black basements where nothing is true and everything is permitted. This is stripped down dance music to the very core. Pure drum and bass, where Punk Rock meets Middle-Eastern Reggae. Is that a belly dancer’s voice yearning for love buried somewhere deep between the grooves? Will you dare to enter the ‘Special Place’? Delights and fantasies beyond your wildest dreams await you!

Velvet Productions brings to you a new adventure of ‘special version’ mixes!

Playful and alluring. Seductive and sleazy. A World where you can do what you are not supposed to, but no one is watching and nobody cares!

Cougarman and General Zod (aka Gerry Rooney & Joel Martin from Velvet Season & the Hearts of Gold) invite you to have a good time and dance your troubles away!

‘When Sally Met Mandingo’ – A tale of love, lust, passion and deceit. Sally was beautiful, fun, playful and sexy. She was charismatic, highly intelligent and very treacherous! Mandingo saw himself as a player but was no match for Sally’s seductive manipulation. She toyed with him as a Lioness toys with her prey. He was left crushed and heartbroken…but begged for more! Mandingo had found love at last!

Breaking news: Famous cutting edge BBC Worldwide radio presenter DJ Gilles Peterson played an exclusive dub plate version of ‘When Sally Met Mandingo’! Also, New York Prelude remix god and international DJ Francois Kevorkian played ‘When Sally Met Mandingo’ at his underground party ‘Deep Space’ in Japan!

‘Afro Symphony’ entices with its hypnotic rhythms, played against a scene of Voodoo rituals, jungle lust and naked dancing girls who hope to be chosen for the ceremony and special attention! ‘Afro Symphony’ brings you the sound of the charge of the cavalry riding to victory, searching for love and finding it in all the wrong places! It felt so wrong but feels so right!

Wonderfully put, boys. I've been looking forward especially to hearing Afro Symphony, being a "special version" of the very rare disco plate by Henry Mancini and his Concert Orchestra - African Symphony, heard on Joel's disco selection for Resonance FM (see Mindblowing Mixes on this blog) and also heard on the Fire Island Disco Breakfast to be found here: 

Mine arrived early from Japan, but Sounds Of The Universe and Piccadilly are both taking pre orders.

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