Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Good timing

Great things actually do happen in the disco village, that you might not otherwise expect. Who'd have 'thunk' it, but we actually have Dieter Moebius performing a live gig in November in the village. The bods at Bad Timing, those purveyors of regular nights of experimental, electronics, noise, lofi, diy, weird pop, randomness in the village have booked him to play on 3rd November 2010 at the Haymakers pub in Chesterton. This is mucho weirdness to have a Harmonia/Cluster german synth pioneer performing a live gig in a boozer down the road more well known for hosting bar brawls with the local traveller community - go figure. I don't check the Bad Timing nights as often as I should do, in fact the last time I ventured out to one of their nights was when they hosted a QBICO night and we saw Jooklo Duo (http://www.troglosound.altervista.org/) perform live at the Portland Arms (I wasn't about to miss that one, being a signed up qbico fanboywannabesadcasegeekonerd).

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