Monday, 11 October 2010

Recommended next week

Next week see's the release of the new project from Frank Gossner and Academy Records of New York. It's a reissue of a group of singles from a seemingly nuts group of musicians.

It'll be presented as a limited edition 4x7" boxset, LP or CD  and comes with the patch you see on the left. I vote for the 7"s, but what do I know ;-)

Psycho African Beat
1 – Blofonyobi Wo Atale
2 – Hijacking
3 – We’re Laughing
4 – Extraordinary Woman
5 – Gbe Keke Wo Taoc
6 – Gbomei Adesai
7 – Homowo
8 – Okponmo Ni Tsitsi Emo Le

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