Thursday, 28 October 2010

It's not fair :-(

Gutted, eh?

***AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY AT THE DOPE JAMS HALLOWE'EN PARTY ON 10/30***  EXTREMELY LIMITED 12" of two haunting THEO PARRISH mash-ups pressed on impure WHITE vinyl! 100 Copies Pressed.
If you've heard Theo Parrish play records in the last 2 years or so then you've probably been ambushed by a few oddball R&B-turned-DIY-basement-tracks that only he would have the balls to champion.  Monster Mashup - Hallowe'en 2010 features the already legendary "Just1lovebug" & "Avantsdrumface," disparate mash-ups that harken back to the days of those cherished beige label-centers that read some in-name only record company, listed a few track titles without artist information and unassumingly heralded some of the most successful dance anthems never to be heard beyond the insular communities from which they were birthed---epitomes of an audacious underground experimentalism that manipulated major-label hits like so many pawns on the chessboard of a master programmer's mind. With the same playfulness, the Sound Signature head has expropriated some of the most catchy instances of mainstream soul and hastily pasted them onto the sparse bone structures of Chicago's original rhythmical minimalism, concocting a lethal potion of club-oriented wizardry that cannot be denied. This is an act of modern-day musical d√©tournement that doesn't really give a damn how the experiment will read on paper. What's at stake here is rocking the party, and rock with devastating results it does. Released in a ridiculously limited quantity of 100 white-vinyl copies in honor of Dope Jams' 3rd Annual Halloween Costume Ball, these secret weapons straight from the private vaults of Detroit's finest son dare us to play the mischievous role of the puppet master, inducing our most guarded compatriots into forgetting their serious side and moving their bodies to the spell which they cannot for the life of them help from falling under.

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