Thursday, 28 October 2010

Recommended this week

Quiet week on the music front, so here's some light reading. Available from the nrds at rvng it's a lovely hipster artsy fartsy magazine with some great images and disturbing articles - yay! Here's the blurb:

MAGAZINE PARTY was started to bring magazines back to the art form. Similar to Glenn O'Brien's TV Party, MAGAZINE PARTY aims to hold back from that technically slick feel that defines so many modern publications. Instead it encompasses a more DIY approach, which focuses on a more stripped down style; a style where art itself becomes the core of the design and content aesthetic. For this reason the zine has a limited run (only 100 made!) and is printed and bound by hand.

MAGAZINE PARTY serves as a forum for friends and artists to contribute something that is a little left of center and gives them the ability to expand from their usual work. Some of these submissions include:

- barbarian drawings by Fergadelic - comic based off Master of Reality song titles by Jess Rotter - Vena Cava paper doll cut out wardrobe drawings - Kenzo Minami pornographic mosaic collage ....and many more.

In other news I wanted to buy a cushion for a friend's birthday present, however the postage cost more than 3 times the price of the cushion. However, I did think that this one was THE SHIT!

If you have more money than me, you can buy this and other crazy designs at

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