Monday, 18 October 2010

Public Service Announcements


More to look out for, recommended in the Disco Village:

Tom Noble - 'Liger EP' Liger Vision 12"
Local favourite comes correct with a 6 tracker of newly produced squelchy funk

Mandre - 'Opus 1/M4000' Rush Hour 12"
After the "4" LP, mad rare 12" cut Opus 1 (Solar Flight) gets the reissue, trippy jazz funk stylings.

Theo P & IG Culture - 'Traffic' Kindred Spirits 12" (and Free To Be... Sound Sig 12")
Interesting collaboration, busy tracky percussive gear - heads down. New material from the Sketches CD, and watch out for the Tulio de Piscopo - 'Stop Bajon' remix dropping in the next few weeks.

House Of Jezebel - 'Love & Happiness' Rush Hour 12"
Liked the Ron Hardy mash-up? Heard the Legowelt tribute? Here it is done properly and legit. Simple and effective, a drum beat and a vocal, reminds me of Lexx's Mountain People project...

Debbie Jacobs - 'Don't You Want My Love' (Joe Claussell Remix) Boot/MCA Replica 12"
Even Mr Bongo Joe wants in on the edits scene, although he does it with panache, making it look legit. Sacred Rhythm webstore is up BTW, so you can actually buy some of those weird Jap only Spiritual Life nonsense.

Jamie 326 - 'Basement edits 2' Wicky Wacky/Welcome to the dub Partehardy 12"
Yeah, I just wish Ron's nephew would shut up, just get Ron's work out as clean as possible on a nice format and leave it at that. Jamie's a cool cat, paid his dues and knows the score, operating with a modicum more intelligence than a lot of the many haters and fools in Chi-Town, so I won't moan too much. Added bonus is his work is good - Theo P played the Wicky Wacky edit on Benji B's show and I've a soft spot for Welcome To The Club by Blue Magic although every muppet and his dog has tried to emulate the extension, even Al Kent who I though might know better. Anyway, J's version is a nice housey dub which makes a change.

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