Thursday, 28 October 2010

Recommended this week

Heavy blogging this week, but what's a girl supposed to do. So it had been quiet on the new music release front for a while, then all of a sudden the motherlode drops out of the sky. With no sign of the deluge abating, perhaps we need to breath deep, keep a steady hand on the tiller, and think (and listen) carefully before we hit "add to cart". Phil South (Golf Channel label head honcho) recently previewed the new material from Gala Drop in a mix for resident advisor's "Label of the Month" section, suprise suprise the label was Golf Channel, and deservedly so. A steady stream of incredibly diverse releases since the infamous M.E. - R'n'B Drunkie Golf Channel 001 has produced a superior back catalogue that manages to stay current while keeping it real and pushing the boundaries. Promo's like the one pictured hit the shops now... Check Phil's mix for RA here:

Golf Channel Resident Advisor Label of the Month Mix

Filesize: 173.8 MB
Length: 02:00:41

Spike - The Golden Eye
Gala Drop - Overcoat Heat
Ghost Note - Kapwa
Dominik Von Sender - No Name 2009
DJ Nature - Feeling Like a Woman
DJ Nature - It's Over
DJ Nature - This Side of Heaven
DJ Nature - Everyone
Gala Drop - Izod
Ghost Note - Holy Jungle
Try To Find Me - Get to My Baby - TBD Extension
Try To Find Me - Make Dance
Sexican - Liza Version In C#5
Justin Vandervolgen - Clapping Song
Ghost Note - Albularyo
Try To Find Me - Hey Love
Justin Vandervolgen - Sheebooyah
M.E. - R+B Drunkie
DJ Nature - Destiny Reprise
Spike - E.S. Rever
Spike - Fooling Around
Spike - Goodnight

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