Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Harv and the Loft...

New DJ Harvey interview at testpressing, found here:


And we all went to the London Loft Party with David Mancuso on sunday night; Steve, Clare Harriette and Layla danced hard, ate well and found monday difficult. Shout out to Shannon for the "Cake-away" (Mmmm!), good to see Cedric and Tim and much love to Jonny Nash's beenie hat!

A few records we danced to:

Bibi Tanga & the Selenites - Be Africa (Beg To Differ remix)
LCD Soundsystem - 45:33 (Padded Cell remix)
Jimmy Cliff - Roots Radical
Salvator Santana - Don't Do It
Mission Control - Outer Limits
Yello - Lost Again
One Way ft. Al Hudson - You Can Do It
Pacific Horizons - The Forest Electric
House of House - The Rough Half
Third World - Try Jah Love
Populette - Mommy


  1. I'm a little offended by 'we all', you were missing a few heads

  2. thanks for a good night

    Wasnt the Yellow track Tied up?

  3. yeah, maybe it was "tied up" rather than "lost again" ;-s

    and okay, maybe it wasn't "we all", but some of us reckon we prefer the gallery ;-p