Friday, 3 December 2010

Heads up

Moodymann’s hugely popular spoken word anthem “Freeki Mutha F cker” will get a re-release in early 2011, replete with remixes from Juan Atkins and Egyptian Lover.

The original “Freeki Mutha F cker”, first released on the Det.riot ‘67 EP in 2009, sold out many moons ago and now fetches a tidy sum on Discogs.

This new 12″ – set for release of Moodymann’s own KDJ imprint -  features a previously unreleased version of the track, which thankfully leaves Mr Dixon Jnr’s distinctive throaty voice untouched.

This shares the A- Side with new track “California”, which contains more Moodymann musings and was recorded live in Detroit back in May 2007.

Flip over for Atkins’ Model 500 remix, which takes on a distinct analogue hue with gently undulating synth washes, while Egyptian Lover’s vintage electro remake rounds off the release.

(Taken from Junoplus Magazine)

And, can I also recommend Resident Advisor's label of the month, "Sex Tags", here's the link to their article and mix:

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