Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Booze, blogs and beats.

Whilst Matt was enjoying sunny SF, I was here on the river in the bitter cold. Luckily I had been drinking plenty of Breakfast martini’s and couldn't  feel my face let alone the chill. Truly the Breakfast Martini is one of the greatest things in the world. Bung together Gin, Vodka, Triple sec, a spoon or two of marmalade (I recommend one with ginger for an extra warmth) and lemon juice.
The Breakfast martini sadly isn’t my invention it was invented by my current hero Salvatore Calabrese. Here is a video of him explaining it much better than me

Honestly it’s very good, it sounds like a novelty but it works better than Homer Simpsons “Skittle Brau”. If you want to know more his website full of cocktail knowledge and here is the link

Chocolate booze is next. Again it sounds like a horrible novelty but stouts and porters often have chocolate and coffee notes to them so its not such a stretch.
 Brooklyn brewery Chocolate stout
This is lovely - it’s brewed in the style of an Russian Imperial Stout and as such weighs in at 10%. The taste of the chocolate comes through on the finish and lingers. This is one of the Brooklyn Breweries seasonal beers and is only brewed for the winter, and as such it can be a bugger to find (top tip for Cambridge readers Bacchanalia usually have some and should have had their winter delivery this week. Also check their xmas beers, the gulhkriek is ace).

Disco Village Blog Backscratching
Check out the mighty Juice blog spot brought to you by Disco Village residents DJ Crump and Chris Groove

Mixes and links are there and should keep you entertained. Also doing good things in the ‘ village on the hip hop side of things is the Rhyme Pad Radio show 
or catch it live Friday nights 9-11PM on
More beats from the ‘village
If you are bored heres a couple of old mixes from me:

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