Wednesday, 15 December 2010


Disco Village resident, friend and fellow booze connoisseur Mr Applin tipped me off about this lovely vodka a little while ago.

Whilst following my own advice and buying a crate of Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout I picked up a bottle of Snow Queen and it’s good. It’s from Kazakhstan and is distilled 5 times and uses organic wheat. Mr Applin says to keep a bottle in the freezer and enjoy it straight, this is where the 5X distillation comes in handy it’s amazingly smooth and surprisingly easy on the head the next day. Whilst I agree that straight it’s great, regular readers will know that I’m all about the martini’s. Ladies and gentlemen it is my pleasure to introduce the Cherry Park Martini

This delightful beverage was created by Jonothon Hunter when he was working at Martini Park in Chicago (now closed), it’s simple to create so off you go
50ml Vodka
A handful of cherries, or 25ml cherry puree
25ml champagne.
Firstly chill your martini glass well, then add a rim of sugar and chill some more. Next add the vodka and cherries/puree to a shaker with a few bits of ice and shake hard (if you are using cherries you may want to bash them down with a spoon) until blended. Strain this into your martini glass and float the champagne on top.

Here is an old track by Mr Applin and Mr Mang (proving there’s always been a bit of disco in the village)

Whilst searching for the Quakerman track above, I found stumbled upon this Marvin Gaye edit from Dan Idjut and wondered why i had never heard it before. It was the b side to a Phil Collins edit and I effin hate Phil


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