Friday, 10 December 2010


Listeners to this weeks radio show were treated to a couple of dancehall tracks one of which was by Burro Banton.  Here is Burro in action with Tenor Saw, Cutty Ranks, Supercat, Nicodemus and Little John.

Looks like that would have been a good night out, shame I was 12 and several continents away.
Here’s one of my favourite Cutty Ranks records – “A Who Seh Me Done”

And a big UK dancehall winner from 1984 Jah Screechy- “Walk and Skank”

(Matt has the Roots Radics edit of this and I often beg him to play it when I visit Disco Village HQ)
And from Yellowman  we have this winner (also a Cosmic classic when played at the wrong speed)

and this live footage from 1982’s Sunsplash festival.

Thats enough from me, I’m off to polish my Clarks

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