Saturday, 7 May 2011

10 for the win

This month, we're loving:

1). Tony Humphries live @ Zanzibar courtesy of Mark Seven at

2). Oki-Ni presents "Truth" by Dam Funk:

oki-ni presents TRUTH by DaM-FunK by oki-ni

3). Walter Gibbons SINGING on this one off acetate cut in his living room:

If you ask nicely I'll do you a nice low quality MPFree! ;-p

4). Another new collection of unreleased acid & jack trax from 80's Chicago courtesy of Mr Gene Hunt (the "I don't know" cut by Steve 'Silk' Hurley currently rocking down the D-V)

5). Tom Noble's "Superior Elevation" record label goes from strength to strength with finished copies of it's second release, big disco tip!

6). 2WK Sarc & Bassett - Still Dreamin'

The 'original' duke of Cambridge...!

7). Monsieur Mudd, you're just spoiling us... Claremont absolutely KILLING it!  The hype around "Birds" was big - the track actually lives up to it, amazing, amazing groovy soft rock balearic psyche!
Torn Sail - Birds 12"
Holger Czukay - Hey Baba Rebop 7"
Almunia - New Moon LP
8). Andrew Morgan of Earcave ( and People's Potential Unlimited ( keeping up the release pressure:

Ultimate Choice - Get It Up 12"
The X-Man - That Body
9). Still, gotta keep things fresh - brand new original material - awesome electro-dub vibes all round:

Publicist - Keep it off the record 12"
Freekwency - Don't Tell Me 12"

10). Keeping it even, Steven. New Secret Circuit Cosmic Cassette Action! The 2nd hour long Secret Circuit tape. Cosmic disco, endless and seamlessly mixed. This one's got a little bit of a darker undercurrent than Cosmic Capers. Deep layers of mind melt. 150 pressed.

Get it at

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