Saturday, 21 May 2011

NYC Reprise

Matt and I were talking about the BBC documentary “Once Upon A Time In New York” (see the iplayer on the BBC website) last night, it reminded me that I had more to share - here are some NYC photos from last September:

This shop had gems galore and was less than a minute walk from where I was staying. I picked up the Clark Sisters lp, early Sleeping Bag 12”’s, Wackies lps, a ton of stuff for next to nothing, admittedly all of the sleeves had mould growing on them but who ever said digging was glamorous.

Mind you some shops do look really nice and smell quite pleasant, not many it has to be said.
Ladies and gentlefolk may I introduce a record shop that looks great, is well organized, staff my people who actually love music, and smells nice. You can smell the nag champa from the moment you set foot on the block.

Did I mention they also deal in magik. It’s not often a digging expedition ends up with a chat about Alistair  Crowley (a former disco village resident, his old house from his days at Cambridge Uni is always on my tour for visitors).

I was kept entertained whilst greedily shoving  OG disco joints into a big pile. So much good stuff and plenty of new shizzle too.

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