Saturday, 28 May 2011

Disco beats for nightime freaks

Disco beats for nightime freaks by fred_naked


  1. Having a bit of that - Am in Kota Kinabalu on Borneo island, Malaysia. Tracklisting anywhere? First track kills me already!
    Hope you are well dude.

  2. Hey hey, just for you sir! Keep it balearic x

    Teengirl Fantasy - Cheaters Never Win
    Steve Reich - 2X5 (Movement 3 Fast) (Vakula Remix)
    Rocha - Feel The Love (Welcome Stranger's Invention Dub)
    Joy Orbison - Ladywell
    Storm Queen - Look Right Through
    Rick 'Poppa' Howard - Do What You Have To Do (Inst.)
    Faulty DL - Rage
    Lone - Pineapple Crush
    Alias - Civil Defense (Dub)
    Dogs Of War - Future Jungle
    !!! - Yadnus (Still Going To The Roadhouse Remix)
    Parada '88 - You're Gonna Miss Me